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Medical Assistant Schools & Programs in Wyoming (WY)

Wyoming is an interesting state in so far as it is the 10th largest in size and yet the least populated. These factors create the third, that of Wyoming being the second least densely populated state in the nation. People are social creatures, which is why this state still features rich communities and cities that flourish and provide their residents with many opportunities to contribute through working, studying, playing, and simply being. Whenever leisure time is needed, the mountains and grassy plains provide the perfect escape into solitude by oneself or with friends. Medical assistants will enjoy the sense of harmony and balance, thanks to an above average salary that helps compensate for the slightly higher than average cost of living in the state. What’s even more is that anyone beginning their adult lives in this state can get ahead financially by not accumulating massive debt with student loans. The most prestigious and respected schools in the state demand the lowest tuitions in general of any other state across the country. This quiet and peaceful state is a land of opportunity for medical assistants to spring into action and create the existence of their choosing.

Top 5 Cities

You’ll never be far from the outdoors in any of the various cities of Wyoming. Depending on where you choose, you might be made to enjoy the road trip of your life as you head over to any of the national parks and monuments, go fishing or hiking, even reserve a weekend at a fancy ski lodge. These, along with the normal activities of dining and relaxing, can all be had from any of the small locals scattered about this enormous state. And you know with all of this activity, accidents and medical needs are going to arise, providing you with constant employment and resources to enjoy them for yourself.

The state of Wyoming was last estimated in 2013 by the Census Bureau to be home to 582,658 people. For being such a huge landmass, this total population is less than many cities throughout the country, but that doesn’t mean the state doesn’t have some wonderful cities of its own to boast about. The following are the five most popular cities in the state, ordered by population count:

  • Cheyenne (pop. 59,466)
  • Casper (pop. 55,316)
  • Laramie (pop. 30,816)
  • Gillette (pop. 29,087)
  • Rock Springs (pop. 23,036)

Choose any of these modestly sized cities and make your mark as you become a local figure in a healthy and loving community. The social companionship and support will take you a long way in your career as you earn your living and relax into the beauty of Wyoming.

Medical Assistant Salary in Wyoming

There’s nothing worse than not having an employer respect the labor you perform and not offering a competitive salary to you and your coworkers. Anyone working full-time deserves to earn at least a living wage and medical assistants assuredly do. But in Wyoming, they offer earn right at the national average for the position, which is plenty of money to sustain a comfortable lifestyle. The national average and the Wyoming average both have a mean value of $31,000 annually, a respectable salary for a worker in the pre-medicine field.

As you begin to become accustomed to the state, you’ll notice that utilities and transportation are about 10% cheaper, but when you begin renting or paying a mortgage you’ll shudder at the 20% more expensive cost. Taking everything into account, including groceries and leisure activities, Wyoming comes out to be about 4% higher on the cost of living index than the average in the nation. Although costs vary here and there, the overall rise in expenses is negligible. Where the true savings come is from parents or students having to pay tuition for college.

Medical Assistant Schools in Wyoming

In no other state is education more accessible than in Wyoming. Even the most prestigious and esteemed schools charge among the lowest tuition rates in the country. Obtaining your degree and certification from one of these accredited universities will mean that you have been deemed worthy by one of the overseeing medical agencies to legally work in the field. Getting your career started without facing crippling debt immediately is Wyoming’s gift to you.

It should be stated that to obtain these cheapest tuitions you will need to have gained the status of being a resident in the state. As far as schools are concerned, this means you have lived in Wyoming for the past 12 months. If you can arrange for this, you can save even more money in this wonderful state.

For instance, the University of Wyoming in Laramie charges a fee of $5,000 for residents and $15,000 for non-residents per school year. The Casper College is among the least expensive but highest rated, asking only for $1,300 or $3,300 annually for residents and non-residents respectively. Sheridan College features a flat-rate tuition of $3,000 per year for in-state or out-of-state students. Northwest College in Powell is equally affordable at a rate of $1,500 and $3,500 per school year. Central Wyoming College will enroll students at a tuition fee of $1,300 and $3,000, which is very affordable.

These are among the most respected and distinguished schools in the state. You will be assured to obtain a high quality education while literally paying a fraction of what other states expect of you. Wyoming is a blessing to students and parents of students.


Wyoming is the least populated state in the country, and yet its people are full of compassion and respect for one another, allowing all to strike a balance in life. The small cities have communities in which you won’t be a faceless and nameless entity, but a contributing member as you go about your career as a medical assistant. You will enjoy a competitive salary that falls right at the national average, allowing you to live comfortably even with the slight rise in expenses you’ll experience. Students and parents of pupils will absolutely rejoice in experiencing a high quality education at the lowest tuitions in the nation. For current medical assistants, the state is fair and pleasant. For aspiring medical assistant students, you simply cannot find a better state than Wyoming.