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Medical Assistant Schools & Programs in Wisconsin (WI)

Enter the heart of America’s Dairyland, the northern state of Wisconsin and leading producer of dairy products in the nation. With plenty of outdoor activities and city life to be had, medical assistants will find it very easy to enjoy everything the state has to offer thanks to the competitive salaries and low cost of living in the state. With access to the Great Lakes and huge cities such as Milwaukee, there will always be an enjoyable activity to help you recharge your energy levels while engaging in the career of your dreams. The warmer months are full of the excitement of sports and travel; while the winter will have you learning how to ski, go ice fishing, and even partaking in snowmobile races. The best universities in the state are neatly categorized in tiers of tuition cost, providing much leeway to struggling or ambitious students. Wisconsin is one of the few states that allows a wide variety of options and the means to pursue them. Give Wisconsin a fair chance in exchange for the same.

Top 5 Cities

There are three main activities that are critical to anyone’s enjoyment of a city and life in general, and they are working/studying, being entertained, and relaxing. You’ll have no issue achieving all three at a highest order of completion in Wisconsin. As a medical assistant, the most important will be ensuring that there is a demand for your services and a place to be employed and perform them. This state harbors some of the larger cities in the nation, and where people gather, medical needs arise. Once your shift ends, you can venture into the cities yourself for some good food, relaxing atmosphere, and amusement of your choosing. Don’t just settle for any city though. Let the good people of Wisconsin point you in the right direction.

According to the United States Census Bureau, as of 2013 it was estimated that 5,742,713 people have chosen to reside in this fine state. Based on population counts it can be determined that the following five cities have been deemed the most popular by the residents:

  • Milwaukee (pop. 594,833)
  • Madison (pop. 233,209)
  • Green Bay (pop. 104,057)
  • Kenosha (pop. 99,218)
  • Racine (pop. 78,860)

In most cases, size correlates positively with opportunity. As medical assistants, being near larger groups of people means there will be more employers and more need for your labor. In Wisconsin you are paid handsomely for this work as well, since Wisconsin understands that a healthy society is a productive and happy society.

Medical Assistant Salary in Wisconsin

The ideal situation for any of us is to be able to choose our careers out of interest and enthusiasm and to not have to worry about money as a limiting factor. It’s hard to just enjoy life if financial concerns are constantly gnawing at the back of your mind. In Wisconsin, medical assistants can live this life of relaxation. The state may not be the most advantageous in terms of these benefits, but it definitely ranks among the top by offering a higher than average salary in a state that has a lower cost of living.

Across the United States, the mean salary for medical assistants is $30,780 according the to BLS. In Wisconsin, you can expect to earn $34,000 as the average annual pay for this position. As mentioned, this income will stretch further than expected due to the slightly lower cost of living in the state. You will notice that most everything is negligibly less expensive, but the real savings come when you begin to pay rent or a mortgage, where the housing market is 9% cheaper. Student can breathe a sigh of relief as well due to the options of low or high cost tuition.

Medical Assistant Schools in Wisconsin

Some students prefer an average and relaxed college experience that won’t leave them in debt before they’ve even begun earning a salary. But some ambitious students will take on debt if they believe that a degree and certification from a highly regarded will offer them a strong advantage in their careers later. Wisconsin is unique in that both types of students can follow the paths of their choosing.

For instance, residents of the state will enjoy very low tuitions to the top three most respected public universities. Non-residents will typically be charged twice as much due to funding issues. The University of Wisconsin, Madison charges students $11,000 or $27,000 per year of study as residents or non-residents respectively. The same University of Wisconsin’s Milwaukee campus is half as expensive, with a tuition fee of $5,000 annually for in-state students and $10,000 for out-of-state. This University also has a campus in Stevens Point with an even lower cost of $4,000 and $8,000 per school year.

The more ambitious pupils will be attracted to the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, where they will be charged a premium fee of $18,000 per year for tuition for access to this campus and its instructors. An even costlier option exists in the Marquette University of Milwaukee, where the financial expectation is $36,000 annually. No matter your preference, Wisconsin can provide it and set you forth to make your mark on the medical assisting industry.


Wisconsin is a fantastic state for the outdoorsman or city slicker alike. With the wilderness and Great Lakes never far out of reach, enjoying nature activities in solitude has never been easier. The large and medium sized cities can provide endless nights of entertainment when you need a break from earning an above average wage as a medical assistant in this low cost of living state. Students will most certainly appreciate these opportunities after studying so hard at the esteemed universities and colleges in the state where tuition is as affordable or expensive as you’d like. Wisconsin is an attractive option for medical assistants who appreciate a mix of all types of environments and lifestyles.