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Medical Assistant Schools & Programs in West Virginia (WV)

Very few states provide the full array of benefits to medical assistants that West Virginia does. Disregarding the beautiful landscape, wonderful weather, and access to the various activities that all manner of people have come to expect from any place they decide to call home, medical assistants will appreciate the lavish salary given them in any of the popular cities. This increased salary will help reduce stress, increase security, and allow for much enjoyment. Even more so, the low cost of living in the state reduces financial hardships to a minimum to employees and students alike. The most prestigious schools in the state dispense respectable educations at more-than-acceptable tuition rates. Launching a career in the medical assisting industry and enjoying the fruits of your labor is exactly what West Virginia is all about. Take a closer look with us at this state and you’ll be wholly convinced in no time.

Top 5 Cities

Medical assistants work in the midst of populated regions out of necessity. Medical needs and emergencies arise where the people are, and where there are people there are hospitals and doctor’s offices. West Virginia does not lack for popular cities where opportunity abounds for people in our line of work. Some folks absolutely despise what they consider overly large cities and that makes this state perfect for them. The modestly inhabited activity centers will keep your work time fully occupied and your down time full of excitement and rich pleasures. And you’ll be able to afford this fun because medical assistants earn quite the income in West Virginia.

The Census Bureau states that in 2013 this state was inhabited by 1,854,304 citizens, all merrily spread throughout its gorgeous lands. But chosen by popular vote of established residence, the following five cities are the most merry:

  • Charleston (pop. 51,371)
  • Huntington (pop. 49,138)
  • Parkersburg (pop. 31,492)
  • Morgantown (pop. 29,660)
  • Wheeling (pop. 28,486)

One is as good as the other in West Virginia, all of similar size and residency. Finding work and entertainment will be a breeze thanks to demand and a generous wage offered to medical workers.

Medical Assistant Salary in West Virginia

It’s one thing to have anxiety about what you might get paid for your work. These days, everything is tied to money in some fashion, so it’s only natural to worry. But as a medical assistant considering employment in West Virginia, you can enter your new place of work relaxed and committed, because the average pay across this state for our position is much higher than the rest of the nation.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the average salary for medical assistants in the United States is $30,780 per year. Indeed.com reports that specifically for the state of West Virginia that the same position earns an annual wage of $36,000. This $5,000 extra will behave like it is much more due to the low cost of living in the state.

The cost of living in West Virginia is estimated to be around 5.6% cheaper than the rest of the country on average. This almost entirely related to housing being a full 35% less expensive here. On one of the longest lasting and highest priced expenses of our lives, this is quite the discount and can help provide a lifetime of security and savings. As long as a medical assistant lives within their means or behaves as if they are earning an average salary, finances will never be a concern for them as they weather the emergencies and surprise expenses, all the while having vacations and toys. Students will feel just as fortunate due to the affordable tuition rates in the state.

Medical Assistant Schools in West Virginia

The two fundamental questions any medical assistant student needs to have answers to is whether or not the school is accredited and can they afford the tuition. It is imperative that the school be accredited by one of the various supervising medical institutes so that they can legally provide you with your certification upon graduation. Employers must ensure that you are competent and have proven capable of handling the knowledgebase and workload associated with the job. This is how they check. And of course, before you can receive your certificate from one of these schools, you have to be able to afford enrollment. Fortunately West Virginia’s most prestigious schools are all relatively inexpensive without sacrificing quality.

For instance, the American Public University in Charles Town is the top rated where tuition is a respectable $6,000 per year of study for any qualified student. Mountain State University in Beckley will also accept students for a flat rate of $8,000 annually. Some schools distinguish between in-state and out-of-state students, charging the latter as much as two to four times as much in tuition. To gain residency status and have access to the cheaper fee requires you to have lived in the state for the past 12 months at least and maintain residency throughout your education. The following schools are examples of those that distinguish.

West Virginia University in Morgantown will ask students to pay $7,000 as residents and $21,000 as non-residents. At Marshall University in Huntington, residents also pay $7,000 while out-of-state students pay a comparatively cheaper $15,000 per school year. And finally, while still being one of the most respected schools in the state, Fairmont State University asks a humble $3,000 and $6,000 from residents and non-residents respectively. West Virginia medical assistant schools are very accessible for any student who is concerned about exorbitant tuitions.


We choose our careers out of passion and out of concern for income. West Virginia allows medical assistants to focus on enjoyment in their work without concern for finances thanks to the generous wages offered even in an economy that is cheaper than the national average. Any of its popular cities will gladly accept you into their community, but students may make the choice based on the location of one of the esteemed universities in the state, all of which provide very affordable tuition rates so that you can secure your future and be a contributing member of society. West Virginia is a wise choice for any present or budding medical assistant.