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Medical Assistant Schools & Programs in Washington (WA)

Arguably one of the most progressive states in the nation, Washington can be a very exciting place for medical assistants to live. Situated in the far northwest of the continental United States, residents will appreciate cool weather, grassy and mountainous lands, and beach access. The states various cities are responsible for many cultural shifts throughout the country over the past few decades. Become a trendsetter, travel about, and enjoy your free time without financial stress as the reward for being the medical assistant who has joined the community. Workers in this industry are offered a much higher wage than the average around the nation, which more than compensates for the small increase in expenses you’ll experience related to the cost of housing. Anyone still studying on their way to receiving their degree and certification will absolutely love the high quality of education offered at very prestigious schools in the state. In Washington, everybody wins, but particularly medical assistants.

Top 5 Cities

If you like discovering new and exciting adventures on the cutting edge of culture, then you’ll have a blast working, studying, and living in Washington. The admired cities of this state are known for producing new waves of pop culture fairly regularly, and many artists and entrepreneurs flock to this state for a chance to take part. For a state that always has its community in mind, it is no surprise that the highest average wage for medical assistants occurs here, so much so that it overcomes the higher cost of living you’ll encounter. This extra money will give you plenty of freedom to explore the most popular cities in the state and fund some hobbies in the meantime.

According to the Census Bureau, Washington is a state that boasts a population of 6,971,406 individuals as of the year 2013. Many of these residents have chosen to live within the bounds of certain cities. By casting these votes, they have made the following cities the five most popular in the state:

  • Seattle (pop. 652,405)
  • Spokane (pop. 210,721)
  • Tacoma (pop. 203,446)
  • Vancouver (pop. 167,405)
  • Bellevue (pop. 133,992)

Always on the leading edge of social issues, Washington will never let its citizenry suffer the sickness of low wages, hunger, and other economic problems. This is why medical assistants enjoy higher salaries here than in any other state.

Medical Assistant Salary in Washington

Life can produce a lot of surprise events, emergencies, desires, and eventualities that all have one solution that can reduce or eliminate any resistance or stress surrounding them. This solution is money, and money is the one thing that medical assistants in Washington can be sure to not have to worry about.

Across the United States as a whole, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has determined that the average annual wage for medical assistants is $30,780 dollars. Medical assistants in Washington are far more privileged, enjoying an average salary of $39,000, which is over $8,000 more per year. This can create a buffer in savings to help weather hard times and provide expendable income to increase joy and stability during the good times. Not all of it can go straight towards fun and security though.

In Washington, the cost of living rates a 117 on the index used across the nation where 100 represents the average. This is because of two core expenses, that of housing and of healthcare. While you’ll regret having to pay more for housing, the overall increase in healthcare costs is part of what grants you a higher salary. All in all, Washington is a financial blessing for medical assistants.

Medical Assistant Schools in Washington

As you likely know, to work professionally as a medical assistant, you must first obtain your degree and certification from an accredited school that has been vested the power to produce knowledgeable and qualified by a medical agency supervising the entire process. This is no problem in Washington, as all of the distinguished universities in the state have taken the trouble to ensure this can be done for you.

Preferences cause students to place emphasis on differing factors related to education. Some care only about how little tuition they are paying, while others will pay any amount asked if they know the quality of the instruction they are receiving will give them an edge when it comes to employment and performance. No matter which type of student you are, Washington can fulfill your needs efficiently. The most esteemed schools range the gamut of prices all while competing against each other on quality. You simply cannot lose when choosing in this state.

For instance, Whitman College in Walla Walla will have you on your way into the medical assistant career field at an exorbitant tuition of $45,000 per year of study. Similarly priced, the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma will grant you the same at a tuition rate of $44,000 annually. Another common-tier option is Seattle University, enrolling students at the same fee of $44,000 per year.

Some students may be willing to pay a premium, but not quite so much as the aforementioned schools. Other schools exist that can provide the same quality of instruction at smaller costs, such as the Gonzaga University in Spokane, charging a lesser $36,000 annually, or the University of Washington in Seattle, with the least fee of all at only $13,000 per year of study. You’ll have plenty of choices but it would be wise to visit them all before making your decision.


Living in Washington is akin to living in the future, not in terms of technology but in regards to social progressivism. Taking care of people and ensuring a high standard of living for all is what this state is about, and that means making sure everyone has access to healthcare. You’ll never lack for work in this state, and due to the appreciation for your labor, you’ll be rewarded with a high enough salary to compensate for the above average cost of living and then some extra for your troubles. Securing your financial situation, having the money and time to enjoy yourself, and knowing that you can begin or continue your education are just some of the benefits of the state of Washington for medical assistants.