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Medical Assistant Schools & Programs in Virginia (VA)

Virginia has a long and deep history, having hosted the first successful English colony in Jamestown. From then on, Virginia has been the center of much commerce, boasting large cities with various opportunities for employment, entertainment, studying, and relaxation. Medical assistants in particular can enjoy these cities in the maximum capacity thanks to the generous salaries afforded them by their employers. Even with a slightly higher cost of living, the standard of living will be much higher for medical assistants, especially students looking to enter the field. By studying in Virginia, much money can be saved on the overall cost of tuition due to the very reasonable costs associated with education in this state. For these reasons, Virginia easily becomes one of the most attractive states for medical assistants to work and live in.

Top 5 Cities

What a task it is to find a state you prefer and then to seek out a city within it that will allow you to thrive while living out the standard you desire for yourself. The beauty of Virginia is that of choice. The many cities in the state can allow you to prosper within a variety of environments, whether in that of the Appalachian Mountains or eastward in Virginia Beach. These cities support large populations that require medical assistance at times, meaning you’ll have plenty of demand for your services. When you’re not working, you can explore the surrounding cities, enjoying delicious dining, live sports, outdoor activities, fantastic music, and much more. This is what Virginia offers the medical assistant who will take advantage.

The state of Virginia hosts a population of 8,260,405 people all interested in living life to the fullest. These fine folk have created communities all about the state, but the most popular are listed below with their respective population sizes:

  • Virginia Beach (pop. 447,021)
  • Norfolk (pop. 245,785)
  • Chesapeake (pop. 228,417)
  • Richmond (pop. 210,309)
  • Newport News (pop. 180,726)

Medical assistants have no problem living lives of comfortable security and prosperity in these and other cities in the state thanks to the bountiful salaries provided to workers in this industry.

Medical Assistant Salary in Virginia

The basic reality of modern society is that money is exchanged for everything. Some people are content to expend as little energy in the quest of currency as possible, while others are crazed in the desire for wealth. In Virginia, a medical assistant can have both.

Across the nation medical assistants enjoy an average salary of $30,780. Not so in Virginia. This state does not tolerate mediocrity or averageness and instead decides to provide its medical assistants with a very competitive wage of $38,000 dollars.

Gone are the days of negotiating for a fair pay or stressing about obtaining the fundamental needs of life. Even with the slightly higher cost of living in the state, rating a 108 on the 100-point index in which 100 is average, Virginia medical assistant salaries far more than compensate. Superficially this state may feel much cheaper due to the lower cost in everything, with the exception of housing. Housing is costlier enough in Virginia to raise the overall cost of living higher than the average even in light of the inexpensiveness of everything else, including groceries, utilities, and transportation. Students won’t mind or notice. Tuition rates are among the most affordable in the nation for the quality of instruction being received.

Medical Assistant Schools in Virginia

It is simply an impossibility to enter the medical assisting industry without having the commendation of an accredited university. The school, after being reviewed by a supervising medical agency, will be given the right to present you with a certification and degree that designates you as one of the few qualified and competent medical assistants in the nation. Some people, though capable of achieving this feat, simply cannot afford tuition for the time period required to complete the degree. Virginia helps students get over this hurdle by offering reasonable tuition rates at their most potent schools.

Among these powerful universities and colleges is the highest rated University of Virginia in Charlottesville. Gaining entry into this school costs students only $6,000 per year as a resident or $20,000 as a non-resident. It should be stated that resident status and thus the lower tuition rate is only offered to people who have lived in the state for the last 12 months before applying. Arranging for this might delay beginning and graduating by a year, but it is a great time to accommodate yourself with the state and save up some money to help offset the tuition costs.

The rest of the group of top rated schools in the state include the Virginia Polytechnic Institute in Blacksburg. This school is equally affordable with an annual tuition rate of $6,000 and $13,000 for residents and non-residents respectively. George Mason University in Fairfax asks for a bit more at a cost of $11,000 and $31,000 per year of study. Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond will expect students to expend $9,500 or $24,000 per school year based on residency. And finally the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg asks for a premium fee of $18,000 and $40,000. Perhaps you’ll find that fee justifiable. In Virginia, the choice is yours and you’ll have plenty of options to decide from after visiting the campuses and making a shortlist.


Virginia is no state to superficially look over during a cursory glance. The obvious benefit to medical assistants is the extremely high pay that overcomes and catapults you well beyond the slightly increased cost of living. The large cities full of excitement and activities are spread about the state in such a way that you may find yourself staring at the ocean or living deep within the mountainous forests. Students can build the foundations of a privileged life by taking full advantage of the respected schools with affordable tuition rates. If the entire state needed to be summed up for medical assistants in any way, the easiest way would be to say that in Virginia life is good.