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Medical Assistant Schools & Programs in Vermont (VT)

Vermont is another of the New England states in the northeast of the United States. Not only does this state provide a connection to the old world in its ancestry and architecture, but being the second least populated in the nation means that you’ll be able to become a part of this culture and leave your indelible impression. Small communities are usually safe and pleasant, taking care to provide competitive incomes and other support systems that ensure a high standard of life for all of its members. As proof of the pride that this state takes in itself, it has established and maintained many of the most esteemed colleges in the country. Medical assistants enjoy higher salaries in this state than on average elsewhere to help compensate for the slightly higher cost of living. Vermont is one of the most attractive states for anyone, but for these reasons medical assistants will especially be charmed. Let Vermont’s deep history reverberate through your life and career.

Top 5 Cities

As the second least populated state in the nation, Vermont’s largest cities could still be considered small towns if not for their beautiful downtowns and long histories. Anywhere people congregate into communities will also have hospitals in order to serve the people’s various healthcare needs. This means that medical assistants will find opportunities for employment as well as entertainment in these fine places. In addition, medical assisting is valued enough to be offered a larger than average salary when compared to the rest of the country. The only difficulty in Vermont is choosing which beautiful city to reside within.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the state of Vermont hosts a small population size of 626,630, much less than many of the cities spread throughout the country. Every member of the small sized population is the owner of a big heart that cares for one another. This attraction has led to communities popping up throughout the state. The five most popular of these are listed below in descending order of greatest populations to least:

  • Burlington (pop. 42,417)
  • South Burlington (pop. 17,904)
  • Rutland (pop. 16,495)
  • Barre (pop. 9,052)
  • Montpelier (pop. 7,855)

As seen, each is of a very humble size. If this is your preference, then you need no further reason to be convinced of Vermont. However, becoming a recognizable member of such a society provides immeasurable advantages itself, such as securing employment and receiving a luxurious pay.

Medical Assistant Salary in Vermont

In some states, professionals have to compete against each other and their own companies in order to receive a fair wage from the outset. Negotiation is certainly a tactic you should employ within reason, but it won’t be absolutely necessary in Vermont because the annual salary offered medical assistants on average is already higher than a person would expect.

Across the nation, the average annual pay for medical assistants is reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics as $30,780. Taking this number into consideration, celebration could be had after learning of the average income for the same position in the state of Vermont. According to the data collected by Indeed, medical assistants in Vermont enjoy a pay of $33,000 per year on average. This is over $2,000 more per year, which is graciously provided for a very specific reason.

The cost of living in Vermont is a bit higher, rating at a 116 index where 100 is the average around the nation. The main contributors to this elevated level of expense is housing and utilities, as expected in a small landmass where real estate is a tighter commodity. Groceries in this state are a bit more expensive as well. All of this can be tolerated due to the reward of access to the wonderful colleges in the state.

Medical Assistant Schools in Vermont

Receiving your degree and certification in medical assisting will be no issue in Vermont. The various esteemed schools are all accredited and therefore backed by the overseeing medical agencies and allowed to provide you the stamp of approval that employers will demand, due to the legal requirements they must also follow. The medical industry is highly regulated in this fashion, but Vermont has jumped through all of the hoops to ensure you won’t encounter problems.

Of the most distinguished and chosen schools in the state, the top is the University of Vermont in Burlington. This school charges a tuition of $16,000 to residents and $37,000 to non-residents for each year of schooling. To receive the in-state tuition fee instead of the out-of-state, colleges expect you to have lived in the state for at least the past 12 months. If you can arrange for this, you’ll save over half of what you’d pay otherwise.

The other highly regarded schools are all private options that do not distinguish between residents and non-residents. Everyone pays the same tuition to enroll. For instance, Middlebury College expects its students to pay $46,000 per year of study, and Saint Michael’s College in Cochester asks for $40,000 annually. On the more affordable but still expensive end is Norwich University in Northfield with an asking rate of $34,000 per year for tuition. Champlain College in Burlington cuts you a little more slack when demanding their tuition of $33,000 annually.

Remember that you can always apply for financial aid and scholarships. It is also recommended that you visit the college campus and take a tour before committing to a long-term relationship to make sure the school is right for you.


The small state of Vermont offers big opportunities for medical assistants. Even while being the second least populated state in the nation, the wages for medical assistants are competitive, which help make up for the increase in expenses while dealing with this state’s higher cost of living. The various popular cities can provide a great sense of community and camaraderie for employees and students alike as they engage in their labor and studies at any of the fine establishments around the state. Students will have access to some of the most respected schools in the northeast and the entire nation, albeit at expensive tuition rates. If a premium experience is what you’re looking for, look no further than Vermont.