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Medical Assistant Schools & Programs in Tennessee (TN)

In the heart of the south and the Appalachian Mountains resides the charmingly humble state of Tennessee. Its geography stretches from east to west, covering much cultural ground the process. The people respect each other and enjoy a simple life of experience and discovery in the fields, forests, and cities of this vast landscape. For medical assistants, it can provide internal peace even for the outwardly focused due to the higher than average salaries offered to medical personnel, while its economy has situated the average cost of living far below the rest of the nation. Life can be as slow or as fast as you design with its large cities such as Memphis and Nashville and its small country towns scattered about. While working or studying at any of the highly rated universities or colleges in the state, you can easily find the time to slip away into the wilderness of the state’s vast rivers, parks, and nature reserves. Remove distractions, come into harmony with the outdoors, and live a life of satisfaction in Tennessee.

Top 5 Ciaties

As medical assistants, we tend to work in the hospitals of an area, which tend to be in the cities. When we’re ready for a break from taking care of everyone else in Tennessee, we’ll have plenty of exciting entertainment and relaxation to explore. The most popular cities in the state are all packed full of fine dining, laid-back fun, and relaxing areas to soothe any type of soul. The top three most popular are neatly situated in the west, middle, and east of the state, breaking up any travel in between into even distances. The fourth is in the southeast, splitting up the drive along the north-to-south interstate as you travel about exploring the state and it’s many people.

The state of Tennessee houses 6,495,978 people from many cultural backgrounds ensuring that your stay will be one of intellectual stimulation and awe. Many of these fine southern folks have chosen to live within the city limits of the top five most popular cities, which can be found listed below in descending order with their populations included.

  • Memphis (pop. 655,155)
  • Nashville (pop. 624,496)
  • Knoxville (pop. 182,200)
  • Chattanooga (pop. 171,279)
  • Clarksville (pop. 142,519)

One thing you can be sure of in Tennessee is that you’ll find as much and more delicious food and outdoor activities as you will anywhere else in the country. Fortunately, you’ll be paid plenty of money to satiate your appetite as you work in this state.

Medical Assistant Salary in Tennessee

Although we all put forth enough effort and passion into our chosen professions that we know we deserve a fair wage and maybe more, lots of people are afraid to negotiate for it and later learn that they’ve been receiving less than they are entitled to. That’s not a problem for medical assistants in Tennessee.

The national average salary for medical assistants nationwide is $30,780 dollars per year as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, the average TN medical assistant salary is $35,000 annually. This is over $4,000 more that you can spend per year. This may not make sense to you yet, but it’s actually more than that.

The numbers don’t add up as plainly as expected due to their spending power being different per state. In Tennessee, the cost of living is 10% less than the national average, meaning that your increased salary will purchase even more goods and services than originally anticipated. For medical assistants, this state is a double financial windfall. You can save even more money, or spend it, at one of the esteemed universities in the state.

Medical Assistant Schools in Tennessee

As a medical assistant, an employer is going to go out of his way to ensure you’ve received the proper degree and certification from a school that has been accredited by an overseeing health agency. This is no problem in Tennessee. Not only is each capable of providing you with the proper paperwork, but you will graduate with the knowledge and practical experience to perform the job as well.

The most prestigious of these schools is part of the unofficial Ivy of the South. This is a joke to signify how esteemed the university is considered. This is Vanderbilt University in Nashville, which will provide you with a top-notch experience at an exorbitant price. To attend Vanderbilt, be prepared to pay $43,000 per school year. If this isn’t your preference, there are plenty of respected schools that are far more affordable.

Paying in-state tuition is always cheaper, often times half or a third of the cost of out-of-state tuition. To obtain this less expensive fee, arrange to have lived in the state for a year before applying and enrolling. There’s no reason not to save that much money if you are able.

Of these schools that differentiate between resident and non-resident tuition, the most popular is the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. This school, known as UTK, charges only $5,000 or $14,000 per year based on residency. The next most popular is the University of Tennessee at Martin, charging an even more reasonable $4,000 or $11,000 for residents or non-residents respectively. Splitting those costs right up the middle is the University of Memphis. Tuition for this school will cost you $4,500 or $10,000 depending on residency. Finally, Middle Tennessee State University asks a bit more at $8,000 and $25,000. It is always recommended to visit any school before enrolling if possible.


Some states manage to come together into an amalgam of benefits for certain professions, and in Tennessee that profession is medical assisting. Thanks to the high salary and low cost of living, medical assistants will be able to explore the vast range of cities and environments of the state, never being far from vacationing in many other states as well. The large cities spread throughout host several universities that can offer an exemplary education at a very generous tuition cost. Enjoy southern hospitality at its finest with a little extra jingle in your pocket by living and working in Tennessee.