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Medical Assistant Schools & Programs in South Dakota (SD)

Life in South Dakota is about balance. The large landmass we have partitioned off for this state supports a humble, honest, and reasonable collective that values space and community. That is why you will have every chance to enjoy nature or the thrills of the city in South Dakota, such as with its Sioux Falls, an impeccable example of a city that does everything right. Within these various and wonderful cities resides a number of ideal public and private schools to gain a medical education or further your ambitions at very affordable costs. Do not fret that the pay for a medical assistant is slightly lower in this state than in others. Everything in South Dakota costs a little less than elsewhere, because the focus is on experience and not materialism. Life is even keeled and perfectly paced, providing the perfect landscape and soundtrack to your serenity and peacefulness. Give South Dakota a fair consideration, because that’s what you’ll receive in return.

Top 5 Cities

Although this is a vast and spacious state, there are still centers of activity where people gather and commerce occurs. You will find yourself working in, living in, or at least traveling to these population hubs. When you want a fine meal or to hear live music without cooking or playing it yourself, there is nowhere else to go than to where the people are. Relaxing and spending your hard earned money helps the wheels go around and contributes as much to society as the selfless work you perform as a medical assistant. So don’t feel guilty about taking some time off to go explore the state and its most popular cities.

The state of South Dakota is called home by 844,877 individuals according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Many of these people have chosen to reside in a city for various reasons. The five most popular cities in the state are listed below along with their population counts:

  • Sioux Falls (pop. 153,888)
  • Rapid City (pop. 67,956)
  • Aberdeen (pop. 26,091)
  • Brookings (pop. 22,056)
  • Watertown (pop. 21,482)

Relative to other cities around the country, Sioux Falls can be considered a medium size while the others would all be labeled as small. If you enjoy making an impact or at least being recognizable in a community, then South Dakota might be just right. In terms of the expenses you’ll be expected to carry, the salaries for medical assistants is also just right.

Medical Assistant Salary in South Dakota

Just as no one should feel guilt for taking time away from their career in a helping field, you should not feel bad for being interested in making a fair share of money or even negotiating for more. This is not easily done if you don’t have a frame of reference for what the average wage is for your position in the area.

The national average for medical assistants all across the country is $30,780 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is generalized information but the immediate concern is the wage earned by medical assistants in your specific state. In South Dakota, the average salary earned annually by medical assistants is $29,000 dollars. Don’t be deterred by the fact that this is almost $2,000 less than the national average.

A lower salary is acceptable in this state due to the lower cost of living. In South Dakota, you can expect to spend less on housing, utilities, and transporation, but only about 2% less overall compared to the national average. Since the decrease in salary is about 6.5%, the lower cost of living doesn’t quite make up for it. This is a disadvantage of South Dakota for medical assistants, but the opportunities in education may help persuade you to still consider this state as a permanent place of residence.

Medical Assistant Schools in South Dakota

Nothing is more important than ensuring that you are receiving a high quality education that will prepare you to work in the field of your studies. But in this state with the eventual lower salary, it might feel equally important to know you’re saving money by paying a reasonable tuition rate. Rest easy, because the most popular and distinguished schools in the state all come at affordable prices.

For instance, the University of South Dakota in Vermillion charges students $8,000 per year to enroll from in-state and $11,000 for out-of-state students. Of the most popular options, it’s a relief to know that this is as expensive as it gets. South Dakota State University in Brookings, Dakota State University in Madison, and Northern State University in Aberdeen all asks a reasonable tuition of an annual $4,000 from residents and $5,000 from non-residents. If you can move to the state a year before beginning your studies, you can be considered a resident and save some of your future hard earned money.

There are other higher cost schools that offer a premium experience. As an example, the most prestigious of the group is the Augustana College in Sioux Falls, which charges every student $38,000 per year no matter where they are from. If you can afford it, you may find you prefer this type of education. Being able to act on our preferences is a blessing in itself, and South Dakota offers that ability with its wide variety of schools.


South Dakota may not provide all of the benefits that other states can to medical assistants, but it should not be immediately written off of your list. If money isn’t your main motive, you won’t mind the slightly lower rate of pay that is softened by the lower cost of living. If you find you’re missing the big city life, then Sioux Falls can help you get your fix, but South Dakota is all about nature and wilderness. If you’re into a slow-paced life that you can leisurely enjoy, this state could be your favorite. Finding an inexpensive but quality education is not always possible but it is the norm here. Visiting North Dakota might change your mind and your life. Give it an honest consideration.