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Medical Assistant Schools & Programs in South Carolina (SC)

There is a state in the southeast United States that is a boon to medical assistants. It offers a generous salary to its medical workers, allowing them to live a life free of stress and worry as they seek out the thrills, excitement, and relaxing atmosphere of its large yet humble cities and unperturbed forests and beaches. The low cost of living will provide many extra rewards for the dedication and selflessness of those in the medical assistant field, including access to an exemplary education at one of the many fine universities and college spread throughout. This state is South Carolina. The richness and beauty of this state has inspired poets and songwriters for ages now and will continue to do so into the future. Live within a land of peace and prosperity by packing up and moving to South Carolina. If you already live there, read on to learn of the many advantages of practicing medical assisting in this state. You’ll never dream of leaving again.

Top 5 Cities

Many medical workers have chosen this profession out of a senseless desire to help others. We all feel and care for one another inherently. Taking time for yourself ensures that you have the energy, patience, and health to help others, so don’t feel guilty for relaxing. What better place to hang out and recharge than in the popular cities of the state that all contain more excitement and experience than any of us can possibly take in. Interacting with people and spending some of that hard earned money helps the love and economy flow. There is more than one way to help people, so get into the cities and meet some of the South Carolina population.

The state of South Carolina is home to quite the number of people. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates the 2013 population to have been 4,774,839 residents. We all crave each other’s company and need help in life, so it’s only natural that many of these residents have chosen to live in the cities. Of the most popular in the state, the top five are listed below in descending order with their population counts included:

  • Columbia (pop. 130,272)
  • Charleston (pop. 124,850)
  • North Charleston (pop. 101,356)
  • Mount Pleasant (pop. 69,712)
  • Rock Hill (pop. 66,154)

The citizenry of South Carolina is well dispersed throughout the state, so that even these largest cities are still moderately sized. This means that sub-cultures and a sense of community are still alive, providing you with a personalized experience at each stop as you venture through the state, which you’ll be enabled to do frequently thanks to the competitive salaries offered medical assistants in South Carolina.

Medical Assistant Salary in South Carolina

Imagine a scenario where your boss gave you a very generous raise for the rest of your life while you received a discount on anything and everything you purchased. This is what life is like for medical assistants in South Carolina thanks to their competitive salary rates and low cost of living.

The average salary for medical assistants across the country is $30,780 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. For the state of South Carolina specifically, Indeed reports that medical assistants receive on average a salary of $37,000 annually, which is over $6,000 more per year. This amount can make a very real impact on your quality of life in terms of decreased stress and increased spending power.

Some states only offer their workers more money because the cost of living in that state is higher than the average across the nation. This is not so in South Carolina where the cost of living is 7% cheaper. You’ll find that you’ll pay more for groceries and utilities, but your rent or mortgage will be about 25% less expensive. On the price of entire home, a 25% discount is a tremendous amount of savings. Another financial boon in this state is the reasonable cost of tuition to gain entry into some of the finest colleges and universities around.

Medical Assistant Schools in South Carolina

Attending college is a double-edged sword. Nobody wants to enroll into a university where they are unsure if they will just be another number being churned out of a degree-printing factory that could care less if you actually learn. But at the same time, who wants to pay an exorbitant fee for a prestigious private college that inflates all of its student’s grades to maintain high ratings in the polls. South Carolina’s offerings are akin to the perfect set of options a student could ask for that is interested in paying just a little more to ensure the quality of education is among the best.

Of the most popular and effective colleges in the state, four are public and will distinguish between in-state and out-of-state students, charging the latter often times double or triple the normal fees. If you can arrange to have lived in the state for 12 months before enrolling, you can receive the less expensive tuition and save a significant amount of cash.

Among these colleges is the University of South Carolina in Columbia, charging $11,000 or $30,000 per year of instruction to residents and non-residents respectively. Another highly regarded option is Clemson University, with an asking fee of $14,000 or $32,000, again based on residency. Of particular interest to medical assistants is the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, with a humble tuition cost of $8,000 for residents and $12,000 for out-of-state students. Finally, the College of Charleston will admit qualifying students for an annual tuition of $11,000 or $28,000 based on residency. The most highly condoned private school is Furman University, which promises a premium education at a premium price of $45,000 for any student who can meet the entry requirements. This is the benefit of South Carolina in that it can cater to your style and preference of educational environment.


South Carolina boasts many beneficial factors to medical students. Anyone can appreciate its beauty and various landscapes, including spacious beaches. But medical assistants will dance for joy over the preciously high salaries offered in combination with the lower cost of living. Making more money while saving it can never be overrated. Nor can a quality education be taken for granted, which is what you will receive at the highly regarded universities and colleges scattered about the populous cities of this fine state. If South Carolina hasn’t grabbed your attention, you must not like money.