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Medical Assistant Schools & Programs in Rhode Island (RI)

Although Rhode Island may be a physically small state, it’s big in culture, community, and activity. The city of Providence offers residents the luxuries of high commerce and access to services and goods of any kind. The smaller cities allow the chance to escape into a world of independent lifestyles, shops, and experiences. After becoming aware of the higher than average cost of living in this New England state in the northeast of the United States, medical assistants will be happy to know that the extravagant salaries offered to workers in this industry will balance expenses out nicely, allowing for a comfortable and relaxed enjoyment of all the state has to offer, including a handful of the nations most recognized schools. The cost of tuition varies widely allowing students from all walks of life to gain entry and reach for a loftier way of life. This is Rhode Island, a state with direct ancestry and architecture that will inspire your mind into all matter of flights of fancy as you tend to your duties.

Top 5 Cities

It is important for all of us to take time to enjoy ourselves away from our work and studies. You can only be selfless and help others so as long as you are taking care of yourself first. With that in mind, you should definitely choose an environment that calms, inspires, and invigorates you. No matter where you live, you’ll spend much time in the city shopping, working, or enjoying the service work of restaurant workers, performers, and others in your community. In Rhode Island, the biggest city is Providence, which holds over four times as many people as the second biggest city, Warwick. This state may not be huge, but its people still love to come together in the city and enjoy each other’s company and efforts.

The state of Rhode Island houses 1,051,511 proud residents as of the last Census Bureau count in 2013. The advantage of living in a state that has less people in it than some cities do is the sense of community and togetherness. This shines no more than in the top five most popular cities, listed below in descending order:

  • Providence (pop. 378,042)
  • Warwick (pop. 85,072)
  • Cranston (pop. 80,387)
  • Pawtucket (pop. 71,148)
  • East Providence (pop. 47,037)

The northeast region of the United States is older, harkening back to an earlier age, and this can be felt and experienced in these older cities and especially in their downtown areas. Check it out for yourself if you get the chance. Don’t worry about all of the things you don’t have time or money to experience. The pay medical assistants receive in Rhode Island will give you plenty of chances after you begin working there.

Medical Assistant Salary in Rhode Island

Every person deserves to be paid for their efforts, no matter how selfless the intentions are, especially if others are generating a profit from their work. Medical assistants are the lubrication in the gears of hospitals that keep the entire machinery moving. Such a critical role deserves a fair wage and that is what you’ll receive in Rhode Island.

While medical assistants across the nation as a whole average an annual income of $30,780 dollars, in Rhode Island this average salary is significantly higher at $35,000 per year. This is a full $4,000 more but it’s not all in the clear because it will be accounted for before you receive it.

Thankfully this higher than average salary exists in Rhode Island because the cost of living in the state is about 20% higher than the national average. Across the country people pay less than Rhode Islanders for items like groceries and transportation, but especially when it comes to housing and utilities. This can be a tolerable trade-off if your intention is to gain access to one of the critically acclaimed universities in the state.

Medical Assistant Schools in Rhode Island

Rhode Island houses some of the most esteemed schools in the nation. If you’re able to pay for an education from one of these fine universities, you’ll graduate with an aura of admiration and possibly have an advantage over members of the same graduating class from another school as you begin seeking employment. But a great feature of this state is the availability of very affordable and highly regarded public universities as well. For some employers, as long as you’ve graduated and received your certification, you’ve proven that you’re competent. The choice of which school to attend is up to you. Some of the most popular options are discussed below.

Of the privately operated and more expensive schools is Brown University in Providence. To attend Brown, students will pay an annual tuition of $48,000. This is no small sum. A similarly prestigious experience can be had at Bryant University or Johnson and Wales University, both also in Providence. Tuition for both Bryant and Johnson and Wales costs $29,000 per year of study.

Equally popular are a few more affordable public universities. The catch is that they distinguish between out-of-state and in-state residents. To obtain the cheaper price, you’ll need to have lived in the state for a full calendar year before enrolling. If you can arrange for this, you can save a large sum of money. As the saying goes, a penny saved is a penny earned.

The most popular of these options is the University of Rhode Island in Kingston, which has a current asking price of $11,000 or $27,000 based on residency. Another great choice and significantly more affordable is Rhode Island College. Tuition to this school will put you back only $4,000 per year as a resident or $9,000 as a non-resident. Visit each if possible or at least take a virtual tour online before committing to enrollment.


Enjoy the refinement and class of a rich and old culture that extends back to the beginning of the United States and beyond. Rhode Island will help you contend with it’s higher than average cost of living by providing medical assistants with a generous salary, allowing you to visit all of its beautiful cities and explore its great outdoors. As a student, the options are wide open in terms of financial offerings and types of educational experiences. There’s nothing but praise from the medical assistant community for the fine state of Rhode Island.