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Medical Assistant Resume Guide

A resume should serve as a first interview with your potential employer. It should standout and it should help you stand out from other candidates. Your medical assistant resume should include pertinent details about your work related experience; any special job related training and any special skills or attributes that help put you ahead of the competition.

While you want your resume to be full of information that will catch a potential new boss’ attention, take care not to go overboard. Keep your resume and cover letter brief and to the point and avoid creating a document that will take an abundance of time to wade through.

Give Contact Info

It should probably go without saying, but you can’t get to the interview stage if the physician’s office or medical facility can’t get in contact with you – not matter how qualified you are. Don’t force your potential employer to hunt for your contact information (they may not be willing to do so), make sure you feature your name, address, phone number and e-mail at the top of your resume.


Lead off a medical assistant resume with a clear and concise object. Give your prospective employer a brief window into what you can bring to the table for the facility in terms of skill and training and what direction you’d like your career as an MA to move in.

Don’t make this portion of your resume a lengthy life story – a few crystal clear and well written sentences will serve you much better here than a few long winded paragraphs. If you want to get to the interview process, keep your objective short and to the point.

Qualifications / Skills

This is a critical section of your first introduction to your new prospective employer and you’ll need it to be clear and powerful. Include pertinent data regarding job specific skills that you possess or are well versed in.
It is a good idea to construct this portion of your resume in a bulleted list so each detail can easily be viewed separately and so all of the content is easy to pick out and easily digested.

Your online medical assistant training program has provided you with many essential skills for the job – highlight those skills here so your prospective employer knows what you are capable. Also include any special attributes that you pick up through previous work experience that will translate well into your role as a medical assistant.

Professional Experience

This is the place in your resume to provide details on where you have been and what you have done in the past. List the name and address of your former employer followed by a detailed list of your job responsibilities (placing special attention on duties that will directly translate to the position that you are applying for). Follow up your job responsibilities with any awards, special achievements or landmark goals you achieved during your time with that employer.

Begin this section of your medical assistant resume with your most recent employer and follow by repeating the process with each previous employer to provide a detailed map of your work history.

This section of your resume can also include any non-paid or volunteer work you have been regularly involved in. If you have spent time working for a charity, volunteered as a companion at a senior center, worked with the Big Brothers/Sisters, etc. highlight that time here.

Education and Training

This is another very important section of your MA resume. Begin by providing names and dates for high school, college and any secondary schooling then follow up with any certifications or training that specifically relate to the job you are applying for. Provide details on any MA related classes or training as well as any certifications or training with computer skills (Office, Excel, Adobe, etc.) that may prove beneficial in your new position.

This section should also include training programs instituted by former employers that you participated in. Formal or semi-formal training in conflict resolution, writing effective e-mails and inventory management may all be viewed as skills that can set you apart from a large field of applicants.

Additional Skills

This section of your resume should feature skills that you didn’t necessarily acquire though formal training or on the job experience. Be honest about the tools you possess that could help you perform at the highest level as a medical assistant without going overboard. Use another bulleted list here to keep the critical details easily identifiable to someone going over the document quickly to pick out important information.

If you have incredible organizational skills and great attention to detail, this is where you will relay that information to your prospective employer.

Additional Information

If you’ve got any pertinent information about yourself, your personality or your unique skill set that specifically relates to the facility or the particular MA position that you are interested that doesn’t fit into any of the above categories it should go here. If you’ve got affiliations or special interests that might help you stand out from other applicants for this job, be certain to list them. As with other sections of your medical assistant resume, keep this section clear, concise and easy to understand.

Before you Fax or E-mail

Prior to sending out your resume to hospitals, physician’s offices or outpatient clinics make sure you thoroughly review it for mistakes. Don’t simply rely on your word processing program’s spell check function as there are plenty of mistakes that it may not catch.

Read and re-read your resume and take care to correct any mistakes. Make sure that your phone number is correct, that your e-mail address is accurate and that the format of the document is proper and easy for anyone to read and understand.

Medical assistants need to have excellent focus and great attention to detail in order to perform their jobs effectively. If you resume is messy, difficult to read, difficult to understand or loaded with mistakes it won’t impress a prospective employer and it certainly won’t help you stand out in a good way.