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Medical Assistant Schools & Programs in Pennsylvania (PA)

From the rolling farmlands to the buzz of the cities, Pennsylvania can be an attractive location to anyone. But particularly for medical assistants, this state boasts three specific benefits that will have you packing your bags in no time. Whether you like big city life, small town quiet, or rural countryside relaxation, Pennsylvania has the perfect environment to keep you captivated as you take your career and education head on. Everybody would love to receive more pay than expected with that money magically being able to purchase more goods for you to enjoy. This exactly what Pennsylvania offers medical assistants with its competitive salaries and low cost of living. For aspiring professionals still in need of schooling, you’ll have choices of attending some of the most desirable and challenging colleges in the nation or the option to take a more leisurely pace at a more affordable university. Pennsylvania is the land of opportunity that will pay you enough to explore all of the choices and build the live of your own design.

Top 5 Cities

There is one thing we can be certain of in the medical field and that’s that heath concerns arise constantly. The more people you are surrounded by, the more of these concerns you’ll encounter. Big cities never lack in demand for medical assistants and Pennsylvania has several big cities to offer. Fortunately, this also means that once you accept a job in the city and get ready to enjoy your leisure time, there will be plenty of entertainment all around you. Variety is the spice of life. When you mix up your work time with periods of playtime, you’ll find out that Pennsylvania offers many multicultural activities, restaurants, music, and even the absence of any of this if you so choose. Pennsylvania is a big place. You can retreat into privacy in the outdoors or head into one of the more popular cities, as you desire.

The state of Pennsylvania is supports a large population of 12,773,801 people as of the most recent Census Bureau count. This is an incredible number, signifying the popularity of the state. But even within the state there are cities that are more popular than others. The top five most popular cities are listed below with their respective population counts in descending order:

  • Philadelphia (pop. 1,526,006)
  • Pittsburgh (pop. 305,704)
  • Allentown (pop. 118,032)
  • Erie (pop. 101,786)
  • Reading (pop. 88,082)

There is no doubt that Philadelphia is clearly the most popular, with a population of five times the size of the second place contender, Pittsburgh. Any of the cities on the list would suffice as a wonderful place to work, study, and play. The competitive pay rates offered to medical assistants in Pennsylvania will only augment and enrich your quality of life.

Medical Assistant Salary in Pennsylvania

No matter how much a person loves their job or how selflessly they commit their lives to helping other people, they deserve to get paid for their time, at least well enough to have a comfortable lifestyle. Pennsylvania understands this and does not disrespect its medical assistants in anyway. Actually, the situation is quite the opposite. While the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the national average salary for medical assistants is $30,780 dollars, workers filling the same position in the state of Pennsylvania receive a much higher wage equaling a handsome $37,000 dollars. An extra $6,000 dollars per year can significantly impact your way of life, and even more so in this state.

What makes Pennsylvania even more attractive after learning of the higher wages it offers is that the cost of living in the state is 3% lower than the average across the nation. You’ll find that you may pay a bit more for your utilities every month, but the decreased cost of housing more than makes up for it. Your abundant income will go very far in Pennsylvania and help you obtain an education at one of the esteemed schools in the state.

Medical Assistant Schools in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is full of prestigious yet high cost educational institutes that can start your career off with a bang. Paying tuition to these schools will be no problem thanks to the very generous salaries offered to medical assistants and the low cost of living. Don’t worry about accreditation either. They are all backed by the supervising agencies that empower them to provide you with the certification you need to be employable in the field. The state is full of recognizable and respected schools ready to help launch your career.

The most popular school in the state is Penn State University in University Park. Being accepted into this school is fantastic but it will cost you $16,500 as a resident or $30,000 as a non-resident for a yearly tuition. The University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia is the second most coveted school that will take any qualifying student on for a cost of $48,000 per year. Carnegie Mellon University can bestow to you an air of authority at the annual tuition cost of $49,000. Many students opt for the University of Pittsburgh to save some money due to the lower cost of a yearly $17,000 in-state and $28,000 out-of-state tuition. Another high priced and respected option is Drexel University in Philadelphia, which takes on a limited number of students at a fee of $30,000 per school year.

Remember that if you can prove that you’ve lived in the state for the previous 12 months, you can receive the cheaper in-state tuition, if the school distinguishes between the two. You should also make an effort to visit these schools and make sure they are a good fit for your lifestyle before paying.


There are few states that happen to come together as magically for medical assistants as Pennsylvania. Combining handsome salaries with a low cost of living, your life can be very rewarding in any of the large cities in the state, especially that of Philadelphia where there will surely always be opportunity for you in the medical field. As a fledgling student, you’ll be able to enroll into some of the most prestigious schools in the nation and gain a solid education to support you through your career. Life has a lot in store for medical assistants, and even more so in Pennsylvania.