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Medical Assistant Schools & Programs in Oregon (OR)

The path to contentment for medical assistants leads directly to the mighty state of Oregon. Some people like to do it big and live life on the edge of excitement and some like to relax and take a slower pace while enjoying the experiences in their own way. No matter who you are, but especially as someone interested in medical assisting, Oregon can be whatever you want it to be. You can live in a massive city, get your kicks in a smaller town, or even isolate yourself out in the county. You can do what you want thanks to the generous level of pay offered to medical workers in the state. Even with a slightly higher cost of living, you’ll still enjoy the benefits of extra money. As a student, you can save even more by enrolling in one of the low-cost and highly popular universities. Or take the plunge and pay a premium to an upper echelon private college. Grab life by the shirt collar and make it yours in Oregon.

Top 5 Cities

People are attracted to cities for various reasons. Often, that’s where we find the hospitals and medical assistant jobs. Maybe we choose to live in the city because we don’t want to deal with a lengthy commute every day, or perhaps we just find excitement with the easy access to entertainment and people. No matter if you’re looking to work, study, or play in Oregon, it’s inevitable that you’ll find yourself in the big cities at some point. As much as we love medical assisting, we have to take breaks. What better way to enjoy your downtime than to explore all of the delights that a big city can throw at your senses.

Throughout the entire state of Oregon you’ll find 3,930,065 unique and interesting people. Many of these people have chosen to live within the city limits of the various hubs of activity, and the five most popular choices are listed below in descending order:

  • Portland (pop. 583,776)
  • Salem (pop. 154,637)
  • Eugene (pop. 156,185)
  • Gresham (pop. 105,594)
  • Hillboro (pop. 91,611)

Although all of the above are fairly large cities, Portland is the obvious winner boasting a population over four times as large and the second most popular city, Salem. Highly populated areas will have a great need for medical attention, meaning you’ll find plenty of opportunity in Oregon. You’ll also receive a more-than-fair salary for your troubles.

Medical Assistant Salary in Oregon

As a worker in the medical field, if you aren’t taking care of yourself you won’t be able to help others. The employers in the state of Oregon understand this and make sure their medical assistants are paid very well in order to ensure the rest of the population receives a high quality level of care. There’s nothing wrong with asking and negotiating for a fair salary, since everyone deserves to be paid for their contribution to society. It’s hard to negotiate when you don’t know what the normal rates are, though.

The average income for medical assistants across the nation is $30,780 dollars per year. That means that half of all workers in the field receive less while half receive more. In Oregon, you will automatically be in the upper half due to the average Oregon medical assistant salary being $37,000 annually. That also is an average so feel free to attempt to negotiate for more. Even if you have to settle for that wage, you’ll be gracious because you’ll need it to offset your inflated expenses.

The cost of living across the nation is calculated on a scale where 100 is the average. The cost of living in Oregon is a 116 index, meaning that overall you will spend more per year for access to the same services and goods as you would in another more average state. In this state, the increase is related to the pricing of healthcare, housing, and transportation. It is because healthcare is in that group that you enjoy a higher salary. That salary should more than balance out the increased expenses, leaving you a net gain in income per year. You can save more or choose to spend this extra based on which college you choose to attend.

Medical Assistant Schools in Oregon

Even with the balance of a higher income with a higher cost of living, Oregon’s various medical assistant schools are very accessible to any student needing to receive their degree and certification from an accredited college. While there are distinguished private colleges that will allow you to participate and take on a part of their prestige for a premium cost, the real educational benefit to Oregon is the availability of an array of less expensive universities to propel you forward in life.

Of the five most highly regarded schools in the state, Reed College in Portland carries the top reputation at the top cost. To attend this school, be prepared to pay an exorbitant tuition of $48,000 per year. The more affordable University of Oregon can accommodate more students and therefore can ask a much lower tuition of $2,500 per year of study for residents. Non-residents can always expect to pay two or three times as much tuition, as seen at Oregon State University in Corvalis, which charges students $9,000 for in-state and $26,000 for out-of-state tuition. Portland State University is the most affordable choice, costing only a yearly $2,000 or $6,000 per year depending on residency. Another quality school to look into is Oregon Health & Science University, asking a meager $3,600 or $7,000 per school year. It’s recommended that you visit these schools personally if possible before making a decision.


Oregon’s higher cost of living will be no problem for medical assistants thanks to the remarkably higher salary you’ll receive. The cities will keep you entertained for decades as you take breaks away from your work and intense studying at any of the distinguished schools in the state. Saving money on tuition, receiving a higher pay, and spending less money on daily expenses is what makes Oregon such an appealing state for medical assistants.