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Medical Assistant Schools & Programs in Oklahoma (OK)

Oklahoma opens up an entire world of opportunity to medical assistants, experientially, monetarily, and education-wise. Not only does the state have a couple of very large cities to explore but also it’s close enough to so many other states and cities that it can be considered a hub or gateway to the region. As a medical assistant, you’ll receive a very decent salary that will extend itself to the outer reaches of your desires thanks to the low cost of living. Studying in the medical field in Oklahoma can help you live beyond your means thanks to the high quality universities that generously ask for low tuitions. But if your preference is to attend a prestigious private school at a premium fee to attempt to gain an advantage over your coworkers and competitors in the field, there are plenty of options for this as well. For those of us interested in medical assisting, Oklahoma can open lift the veil from over our eyes and show us what life is really about.

Top 5 Cities

It’s great to love your line of work. When you find a fabulous city to work in, you’ll meet amazing new friends and have fun making jokes and finding meaning together as medical assistants. But your lives will become that much more rich as you get out into the city and find something entertaining to get into away from the job. Oklahoma hosts a couple very exciting cities filled with people and places of many multicultural backgrounds. The excitement never ends in these huge cities, but if you need a break from it, you can visit or live in a smaller city or even on the outskirts of any of them and drive in as you wish. The choices are yours, but when you’re ready to engage you’re going to have a blast. Countless other people, known as Okies, agree and that’s why they’ve chosen to live in this state.

The state of Oklahoma’s mountains, mesas, prairies, and forests are home to 3,850,568 people as of the last Census Bureau count in 2013. Although there are many cities in the state, the people have casted their votes by living the top five most popular cities as listed below with the number of residents in each:

  • Oklahoma City (pop. 599,476)
  • Tulsa (pop. 391,906)
  • Norman (pop. 110,925)
  • Broken Arrow (pop. 98,850)
  • Lawton (pop. 96,867)

Choose any of these fine cities and you’ll surely have more delicious restaurants, concert venues, parks and museums, and anything else you can think of to entertain you while you work, study, and make friends. You’ll be able to afford to explore and get to know the entire state well because Oklahoma appreciates the medical community and will pay you a handsome salary in exchange for your efforts.

Medical Assistant Salary in Oklahoma

Here’s a scenario that’ll help explain what it’s like to work and live as a medical assistant in Oklahoma. Imagine that you receive an offer that said that for every year you work as a medical assistant in this state, you’ll receive a $4,000 dollar bonus for your troubles. In addition, every time you attempted to spend a dollar anywhere in the state, the store clerk would only ask you for 84 cents instead. Sounds pretty good, and that’s just what it’s like in Oklahoma for those of us in the field.

The average rate of pay across the United States for medical assistants is $30,780 per year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Indeed.com tells a different story for Oklahoma specifically though, stating that the average salary for the same job is around $35,000 annually. This explains that free $4,000 bonus referenced earlier. But it doesn’t explain why you get a discount at all of the stores.

The average cost of living in the state of Oklahoma is 16% cheaper than the average across the nation. This is how you’ll spend 84 cents instead of a dollar. Everything in the state is slightly cheaper, including groceries, healthcare, utilities, and transportation. The big savings are associated, though, with housing, which is 40% lower than the average. This means you could pay off a home in almost half the amount of time, or pay almost half the money in rent every month. This is why Oklahoma is an attractive option for current medical assistants. The attraction for aspiring students is the various options for schooling.

Medical Assistant Schools in Oklahoma

The beauty of Oklahoma is that the enhanced salaries and lower cost of living will allow students the freedom of choice amongst the variously priced popular and distinguished schools in the state. The only thing that is not an option is gaining your certification from an accredited college that every employer will demand. The medical field is highly regulated through the supervision of overseeing medical agencies. You won’t have a problem with this if you investigate the most popular and respected universities in the state.

The one thing you’ll want to know before visiting these schools in person or online is that to obtain the less expensive in-state tuition cost, you’ll need to have been a resident of the state for at least 12 months before you apply at the schools. Plan ahead for this if you’re able to, because it will save you a lot of money over time.

The most popular school in the state is the University of Oklahoma in Norman, which asks for $10,000 as a resident and $23,000 as a non-resident, per year of study. The second most preferred school is Oklahoma State University, asking an annual tuition of $8,000 and $20,000 based on residency. The University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond costs a bit less while still providing a high quality experience at the price of $5,000 or $12,000 for in-state and out-of-state tuition respectively.

Of particular interest to medical assistants will be the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. Entry into this medically-focused school will cost students a reasonable $7,500 or $14,000 per year depending on residency. Of the most popular, the University of Tulsa does not distinguish between residents and non-residents and asks for a tuition of $37,000 regardless. If you can, it is recommended to actually visit each campus in person before committing to enrolling.


Living in Oklahoma provides quick access to many other states, but the state itself provides many benefits to medical assistants. Enjoying the influence of the many cultures in the cities while working and studying will be easy thanks to the higher salaries afforded medical assistants combined with the drastically lower cost of living in the state. Students have choices to study at many prestigious schools at varying costs, ensuring they can begin their careers at their preferred level of comfort. Of fifty total, Oklahoma state is one that can ensure a good life as a medical assistant.