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Medical Assistant Schools & Programs in Ohio (OH)

As a person already involved in or interested in the field of medical assisting, take special note of Ohio. This state offers several advantages to medical assistants that can enrich your studies, careers, and lives. For these very reasons Ohio contains some of the most recognizable and popular cities in the nation that can offer you plenty of chances for employment and entertainment. While engaged in your work, on top of the meaning you’ll derive from helping others, you’ll also enjoy a very exorbitant salary that can heighten the pleasure of your evenings and weekends. It’s nice to have nice things and these goods and experiences are much more easily accessible in Ohio thanks to your new salary and the very low cost of living. If you’re just entering the field or looking to supplement your education, Ohio is home to a number of respected universities and colleges that can get you certified quickly at very reasonable tuition rates. If you’re making a shortlist of potential states to spend your life in, give Ohio its rightful place on the list and read on.

Top 5 Cities

Time flies when we’re having fun and engaged in our most-enjoyed passions, but you can’t work and think about being a medical assistant non-stop. Ohio won’t let you because you’ll be plenty distracted by its amazingly charming and bustling centers of activity. These big centers of commerce offer an endless supply of things for you to do on your days off. You’ll never cover all of the ground, visit all of the shops, or eat at all of the restaurants, but you’ll certainly find your favorites. Over ten million Ohio residents agree that this is a happening place to be.

The state of Ohio was most recently gauged to be populated by 11,570,808 people as of the 2013 data collected by the Census Bureau. Although there are many cities and towns to live in, the majority have overwhelmingly selected a certain set as their most favorite. The top five most popular cities in Ohio based on the number of people choosing to live within the city limits are listed below in descending order:

  • Columbus (pop. 787,033)
  • Cleveland (pop. 396,815)
  • Cincinnati (pop. 296,943)
  • Toledo (pop. 287,208)
  • Akron (pop. 199,110)

It can safely be guaranteed that large cities of Ohio can offer you whatever type of entertainment, employment, or education you desire. That’s enough of a reason to visit this state and see what you think, but there is another reason. Ohio compensates its medical assistants with a very generous annual salary.

Medical Assistant Salary in Ohio

Of all of the possible states to work in as a medical assistant, Ohio is one of the most attractive financially due to two factors: the average salary for medical assistants and the cost of living. Workers in this state can expect to earn more and spend less every year than they would in a more average state in the nation.

The average salary afforded medical assistants across the nation as a whole is $30,780 dollars. But in Ohio, the average annual wage is $36,000. An extra $5,000 per year can have a great impact on a person’s quality of life by reducing stress and providing security. Purchasing goods, enjoying oneself out on the town, and taking vacations becomes easier due to the cost of living as well.

When compared to the national average, the cost of living in Ohio is 12% cheaper overall, particularly due to housing being 44% less expensive in this state. Paying less for a home over the same period of time or paying it off almost twice as fast can reduce one of life’s greatest expenses drastically. This is the benefit Ohio can offer you as an employee. As a student, you’ll have access to highly respected universities and colleges at affordable tuition rates.

Medical Assistant Schools in Ohio

While attending one of the most popular schools in Ohio is going to cost you more than it would in other states, you won’t notice thanks to the competitive salaries and low cost of living. These schools are accredited by the supervising medical agencies and are therefore able to graduate you with the proper degree and certification to help you integrate immediately into the workforce upon graduation.

It’s useful for those not already living in Ohio to realize that out-of-state tuition will cost you anywhere from twice to thrice as much as residents pay. To obtain the status of a resident and be allowed to pay the cheaper tuition, you’ll need to have established proof that you have lived in the state for at least a year before you attempt to enroll into one of the schools. Take this into consideration if you plan to study in Ohio.

The most popular school in the state is Ohio State University in Columbus. To attend this school you will be made to pay a tuition of $10,000 in-state and $27,000 out-of-state per year of study. Enrolling in the second most popular school, the University of Cincinnati, will cost a comparable $11,000 and $26,000 per year for in-state or out-of-state tuition, respectively. Case Western Reserve University asks for a tuition fee of $22,000 regardless of residency status. The same goes for Bowling Green State University and their tuition of $11,000 dollars annually. Kent State University will expect students to pay $10,000 or $18,000 based on residency. If the opportunity arises, visit each school and see which best fits your plans for your future and career.


Without a doubt, the big cities and open lands of Ohio offer medical assistants one of the most desirable sets of circumstances in the nation. Working as a medical assistant in Ohio will afford you luxuries that other states can’t provide, such as a higher salary and significantly lower expenses thanks to the low cost of living. Students may pay more for their education on average than other students in other states, but they will be assured of an enjoyable experience and solid knowledge base from which to launch their careers as medical assistants. Discount Ohio at your own risk, because it doesn’t get much better elsewhere.