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Medical Assistant Schools & Programs in North Dakota (ND)

Perhaps you’ve always fantasized about living under an open sky, knowing that no matter what direction you look about you’ll be surrounded by beauty and crisp, clean air. North Dakota is the answer to your dreams, and coincidentally it can also provide a comfortable quality of life to medical assistants. While Fargo is large enough to provide all of the employment and entertainment you could ask for, the charm of this state is in the various modestly sized cities and enchanting countryside. There are just enough people to support a healthy economy while still maintaining a sense of community and privacy. With a higher than average salary offered to compensate for the higher cost of living, harmony and balance is restored and maintained for employees and students alike. Students will appreciate the affordable tuition rates to the most popular universities. All will deliver a high standard of education without sending you off to start your career in debt. Give North Dakota a fair chance and you’ll receive far more in return.

Top 5 Cities

As tempted as we are by our passion and enthusiasm for being a medical assistant, not a single one of us can sustain our efforts forever without taking time off to relax and explore our other interests. Thankfully in North Dakota nobody expects that of us. The down-to-earth communities within the state love to support each other by coming together in one of the fine cities of the state. While the cities are populated by lower numbers of people than expected, many commute to work or take daily trips that ensure a healthy economy and a variety of commerce and entertainment options.

According to the Census Bureau, 723,393 statesmen proudly call North Dakota home. There is a reason, and if you should decide to visit and investigate for yourself, stop at one of the following top five most popular cities in the state:

  • Fargo (pop. 113,658)
  • Bismark (pop. 67,034)
  • Grand Forks (pop. 54,932)
  • Minot (pop. 46,321)
  • West Fargo (pop. 29,878)

Don’t take anyone’s word for it. Visit or investigate the area more deeply online before committing to moving to or before scratching this state off your list. You may decide you like the scenery, but you’ll absolutely love the generosity of North Dakota when it comes to the salary of medical assistants there.

Medical Assistant Salary in North Dakota

Imagine that for every year you worked in your job you received a $3,000 dollar bonus just for living in the state. But next imagine that every time you attempt to spend a dollar, the shopkeeper only asks you for $1.05 cents instead. That’s exactly what living in North Dakota is like.

Worrying about your finances can impact every facet of your life as you carry that extra stress around. You don’t have to do that as a medical assistant in North Dakota because employers in this state appreciate their workers and pay more than a fair salary to them. Across the United States, medical assistants enjoy an average salary of $30,780 dollars according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Compare this to North Dakota, where Indeed.com reports that the annual wage for the same position is on average $34,000 dollars. This is where that extra $3,000 dollars mentioned earlier comes from. But what of the extra nickel charged for every dollar spent?

The cost of living in North Dakota is 5% higher than the average cost across the country. This is because housing is significantly more expensive, but utilities and transportation bring the overall average cost back down to the current number. Assuming you will maintain a similar standard of living, you’ll actually be receiving 10% more income for your work than you would elsewhere. So there is still a net gain, making North Dakota a reasonable option for workers in this field. For those getting their start, the low cost of education can help offset the extra cost of housing in the future.

Medical Assistant Schools in North Dakota

There are three factors every student will want to concern themselves with when it comes to their education. First of all, in a field such as the medical industry, there are lots of legalities and requirements that much be met and maintained. The school of your choice must be accredited by an overseeing agency that permits them to disperse degrees and certifications to their graduates. Second, you want to ensure that the quality of education being offered will truly prepare you to enter the worker base and not be a liability to the health of your patients. And lastly, it is very preferable that this education is affordable. North Dakota can meet all of these three factors head on with confidence.

The following top five schools in the state will help you launch your career without placing you in a decade of debt. The University of North Dakota in Grand Forks accepts qualified students for a tuition of $4,000 per year. North Dakota State University enrolls each year’s cohort at a cost of $8,000 per year of study. Minot State University costs a justifiable $6,000 annually. The University of Mary in Bismarck will teach you all you need to know for a reasonable fee of $8,000 dollars in annual tuition. Dickinson State University is similarly priced at $8,000 dollars per year. If at all possible, visit each of these universities and see which one feels right to you.

It should be noted that most universities will charge on average about two and a half times the in-state tuition to students arriving from out-of-state. To take advantage of the very affordable in-state fees, you’ll need to be considered a resident by living in the state for a full calendar year before enrollment begins. This is a great opportunity to enjoy the state and let it feel like home while saving up to pay for your education and other various expenses as you study.


North Dakota’s people in general enjoy a moderately paced life throughout the medium-sized cities and spacious countrysides. Knowing that the cost of living is slightly higher in this state, employers pay medical assistants enough to make up for this fact and more. You can live a comfortable and secure life working in North Dakota. As a student, you’ll find that you can relax and focus on your studies without additional financial stress thanks to the reasonable tuition rates. To put it succinctly, life is good in North Dakota.