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Medical Assistant Schools & Programs in North Carolina (NC)

Any state that is so beautiful that it has inspired more than one song about it probably deserves your attention. North Carolina certainly does. There aren’t many states where you can enjoy camping or a cabin in the mountains and in the very same day find yourself relaxing in the warm sands of the beach. Medical assistants are sure to find work in any of the very large cities of the state. Where there are people there is need for healthcare, and while you provide it in this state you’ll be compensated with a very handsome salary that exceeds the national average by far. This income will go further and buy more thanks to the lower cost of living in North Carolina versus the average in the nation. Those looking to enter the field of medical assisting have a wide variety of choices when it comes to education. Learn at a respected and affordable public university or attend a distinguished, yet expensive, private college for a premium experience. There is no single solution in North Carolina, allowing you to mold your live as you see fit.

Top 5 Cities

While every single one of us has an insatiable enthusiasm for being a medical assistant, every single one of us also has to take time off to recharge and relax. We have room in our hearts for as many hobbies and interests as time allows and the cities of North Carolina enable us to fully investigate and enjoy them all. Whether you need a night on the town full of good food, music, and excitement, or you just need supplies as you prepare for a day of hiking or sitting on the beach, you’ll undoubtedly make your way to one of the state’s popular hubs of activity.

The state of North Carolina, as last measured by the Census Bureau, supports a thriving community of 9,848,060 individuals. That’s a whole lot of people, many of which have chosen to congregate amongst each other in the top five most popular cities in the state. These cities are listed below in descending order along with their population count:

  • Charlotte (pop. 792,862)
  • Raleigh (pop. 431,746)
  • Greensboro (pop. 279,639)
  • Durham (pop. 245,475)
  • Winston-Salem (pop. 229,618)

Although this just represents the top five cities, there are many others scattered throughout the state. No matter where you are, you’ll have access to shopping and all the entertainment you can stand. In North Carolina, you’ll be able to afford it too.

Medical Assistant Salary in North Carolina

While anyone in the medical assisting field is working selflessly to help others, it is only fair that they receive a fair wage for their efforts. Across the United States, medical assistants are being paid on average a salary of $30,780 dollars. This is why we can confidently say that North Carolina respects its medical workers because the average annual salary paid to medical assistants in this state is $36,000 dollars, which if $5,000 above the national average. This is the mean number, meaning you could potentially be on the higher end and earn even more.

What makes North Carolina an even greater financial haven in addition to the higher salaries is that the cost of living is actually 5% lower than the average across the country. This can largely be attributed to less expensive housing, which means you’ll have no trouble finding the home of your dreams and obtaining a reasonable mortgage rate. Housing is one of the largest and longest lasting expenses in our lives. Don’t discount how advantageous even this one factor can be. Another fee that can set the tone of the rest of your working life is the cost of education. North Carolina’s medical assistant schools stack up against the competition nicely.

Medical Assistant Schools in North Carolina

North Carolina is unique among the many states that appeal to students wanting to study medical assisting due to its various offerings. Of the fully accredited schools that are legally able to provide you with a degree and certification in the field, there are great varieties to match the preferences of any student financially and socially. Whether your strategy is to attend an affordable university to launch your career without debt, or you’d like to enroll at a costly but premium college to gain an edge over the competition, you’ll be able to attack your education from any angle in this state.

Three of the most popular schools are also the least expensive and the quality of instruction you receive won’t suffer. For instance, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill only charges residents $4,000 per year of tuition and non-residents $17,000. North Carolina State University in Raleigh costs an annual tuition of $4,000 and $12,000 for residents and non-residents, respectively. Even cheaper, Appalachian State University nestled in the beautiful community of Boone asks for a meager $3,500 or $10,000 annually based on residency.

As you can see, there is a clear advantage to being a resident when attending one of these schools. To obtain the in-state tuition cost instead of the double and triple out-of-state cost, you’ll need to have lived in the state for 12 months before applying to enroll. This is a great opportunity to learn the area and save up to pay for your college experience.

If you’re prepared to climb right in and want the best education you can find in North Carolina, look no further than the ever popular Duke and Wake Forest. Duke University in Durham requires an annual $48,000 per year and Wake Forest University in Winston Salem seeks $46,000 per year. If you follow this path, don’t forget to apply for scholarships and financial aid.


North Carolina is a paradise for anyone looking to meet kind people in a wide range of environments. From the mountains to the beach, from the big city to the rural countryside, serenity and beauty abound. Medical assistants are provided a high salary that extends financially further than expected in this low cost of living state. Students will have access to a large number of esteemed medical assistant schools in North Carolina at a diverse range of costs. There are very few more attractive states in the country than North Carolina.