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Medical Assistant Schools & Programs in New York (NY)

New York is almost a world of its own, meaning that medical assistants looking to move to this fine state will find countless opportunities for employment, education, entertainment, and relaxation. Although there are a handful of very large cities in the state, the city of New York itself is 33 times more populated than the next biggest city. Where you find a lot of people you find a great need for healthcare, and that means that budding medical assistants will have no trouble making their way through life in that kind of environment. Even though the cost of living is famously much higher in New York compared to the rest of the nation, the average salary offered a medical assistant there puts the rest of the country to shame. The benefits tip the balance and far outweigh any negatives you can find. If you’re ready to be ensnared and entangled by one of the most enticing states in the nation, then look no further than New York.

Top 5 Cities

Even though New York is one of the most industrious states in the nation, New Yorkers understand the importance of having time away from their jobs and studies. Not even the most passionate people on the planet can sustain uninterrupted effort. Fueling progress in our lives requires leisure so we can return to our work with a fresh set of hands and eyes. No other place on the planet offers as much opportunity as New York, and especially New York City. As one of the largest cities on the planet, you can play and relax to your heart’s content while finding many chances for employment and study. A huge population center will support a thriving economy with many needs for relaxation, education, and healthcare. This is why New York is perfect for medical assistants.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the state of New York houses 19,651,127 residents within its relatively medium sized land mass. In this immensely popular state, almost have of the population has decided to live in the city which gets its namesake from the entire state. A list of the top five most popular cities in the state can be found below with their respective population numbers within:

  • New York (pop. 8,244,910)
  • Buffalo (pop. 261,025)
  • Rochester (pop. 210,855)
  • Yonkers (pop. 197,399)
  • Syracuse (pop. 145,161)

As you can see, there are many large cities in this state to cater to your every whim. This state is the constant birthplace for many old and brand new influential pieces of the American culture. Thanks to the highest salary offered to medical assistants by any state in the nation, you can thrive in any way you wish in the fine state of New York.

Medical Assistant Salary in New York

Concerning yourself with your income is not as vain as some would have you believe, especially when your very quality of life is closely tied to the number. But dollars have different spending amounts depending on where you live. New York is a curious example for several reasons.

Knowing that the national average income for this position is $30,780 dollars, we can compare it to the average New York medical assistant salary and see that the $46,000 offered for the labor in this state puts the rest of the nation to shame. An extra $15,000 dollars per year in spending money would be nice, but this money doesn’t hold the same spending power in New York as it does elsewhere.

The cost of living in New York is extremely high. The cost of housing and utilities is very high due to the population density, which pushes New York up to 122 points on the 100-point cost of living index. Although you will be receiving an extra 50% income compared to the national average, you’ll also be spending it to stay afloat. The pay in New York is indeed a fair wage and will feel like it thanks to the inflated numbers. This will afford you the ability to attend one of the fine universities in the state.

Medical Assistant Schools in New York

Of the various schools in the state of New York, some of them are the most coveted and respected in the nation for any industry, especially that of medical assisting. They are all fully accredited and can offer you a degree and certification so you meet all of the requirements demanded by your future employers. There are inexpensive schools and costly private schools to accommodate the preferences of any student.

For instance, one of the most highly respected schools in the nation is Cornell University in Ithaca. Entry to study with the faculty of Cornell will cost students an annual tuition of $47,000. This is the premium charged for a premium experience. However, Columbia University in NYC asks for a more modest $18,000 per semester. New York University in the same city can be had for $23,000 per school year. When demand is high with limited enrollment space, the price unfortunately rises along with the quality of instruction. Another example is Syracuse University, outside of the main city, asking for a more reasonable $17,000 per annual school year.

There are always the larger public options that can accommodate more students that also receive federal funding. These typically cost less for residents but will charge non-residents as much as triple the tuition fee. If you plan to attend one of these schools but do not already live in New York, it will be advantageous if you can arrange to live in the state for at least 12 months before enrolling so that you qualify for in-state tuition. You will save a very substantial amount of money this way. For example, the University at Buffalo asks a meager $3,000 from residents for a full year of study, where as non-residents are expected to pay $11,000, just under four times the regular tuition rate. Your preferences will guide you to the best option, but please perform due-diligence so you are pleased with your choice.


The fast life in the state of New York can be exhilarating for current and budding medical assistants. The big city life will offer you a very high salary and take it right back with the higher cost of living due to housing and utilities being limited in supply. Balance can be achieved with a little bit of discipline, and then you can engage in work, play, and study in the Big Apple. If you’ve dreamed of attending some of the most highly regarded universities in the nation, look no further than New York.