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Medical Assistant Schools & Programs in New Mexico (NM)

New Mexico is a dream come true for all current or budding medical assistants. Life is never boring in this hub of culture, activity, and entertainment. From the booming metropolis of Albuquerque, five times the size of any other city, to the modest enjoyment of a smaller city such as Las Cruces, whatever lifestyle you choose for yourself can be had at your whim. The reason being is that medical assistants in this state with a significantly lower cost of living are still paid a higher than average salary when compared to the rest of the nation. This double whammy will provide the freedom and security you need and deserve after graduating from one of the distinguished universities or colleges New Mexico has to offer. So don’t wait, give New Mexico the honest look it has earned and you may decide you’ve found your new, and possibly permanent, home.

Top 5 Cities

Nobody could or should spend their entire lives working or studying. Employees and students alike need a break, even from their passion of medical assisting. Relaxation and excitement are a must and can be found in New Mexico at any of its modestly sized cities, but especially in the huge city of Albuquerque. Albuquerque is over five times as populated as the next largest city, guaranteeing opportunities for hanging out, finding thrills, and of course studying and working. Whatever it is that you like doing, you’ll find it in New Mexico and it’ll be better than you imagined.

The state of New Mexico boasts a large multicultural population, hosting 2,085,287 people across the entire landscape according to the Census Bureau. At least half of the population has chosen to live within the various city limits, especially within the most popular city of all. The top five most popular cities are listed below with their respective population counts in descending order:

  • Albuquerque (pop. 545,852)
  • Las Cruces (pop. 97,621)
  • Rio Rancho (pop. 87,521)
  • Santa Fe (pop. 67,947)
  • Roswell (pop. 48,477)

Perhaps you have traditional interests in food, music, and social interaction. Or maybe you’d like to chase UFO’s in Roswell. Maybe you’ll begin enjoying day trips to south to Mexico. Whatever you like, whoever you are, New Mexico has just the thing for you. This state is even far more advantageous for a medical assistant, especially concerning their salaries.

Medical Assistant Salary in New Mexico

As much as we’d like to, we can’t simply do what we love. We have to take our income into consideration to make sure we can live comfortable lives in this modern society. Fortunately, medical assistants are paid a decent salary allowing us to engage in our passion while still earning a living. You may be able to negotiate for an even better salary, but before you start arguing for too low or too high of a salary, learn some critical pieces of info first.

According to research performed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average medical assistant salary around the country is $30,780 dollars per year. This gives you a starting point for your negotiation but you need to know what this position earns in New Mexico specifically as well. The average New Mexico medical assistant salary is $33,000, which is a generous $2,000 more than the nationwide average. You can safely become excited about this, because you’ll be pleased to learn that the cost of living in New Mexico is about 7% lower than the rest of the nation as well.

The higher than average income along with the lower cost of living means the spending power of your salary is doubly strong. Combine this with very low tuition rates, and you’ll find you can become very secure financially in New Mexico in no time.

Medical Assistant Schools in New Mexico

Finding an accredited school that is legally endowed with the ability to offer you your needed degree and certification is a must, and thankfully not an issue in New Mexico. Employers are also legally required to ensure you are qualified and competent and that’s what this certification signifies. Obtaining this competency can be a thrilling and affordable task at one of the most popular schools in this state.

The most prestigious schools in New Mexico are all public universities, so a word must be said about tuition rates. States find it necessary to charge students from out-of-state a double and even triple tuition to ensure that their budget still covers all of their in-state residents’ needs. To take advantage of the much lower cost of in-state tuition, before enrolling you’ll need to have lived in the state for at least 12 months. If you can plan for this, it can save you a fortune in the long run.

For instance, the highly attended University of New Mexico in Albuquerque is ready to help you launch your career, for a tuition fee of $7,000 in-state and $21,000 out-of-state. New Mexico State University in Las Cruces is another respected school, asking for $6,000 or $20,000 per school year, based on residency. New Mexico Institute in Socorro enrolls resident and non-resident students for an annual fee of $8,000 and $20,000 respectively.

That’s not all. New Mexico boasts many proud schools for your perusal. Eastern New Mexico University in Portales is even more affordable at $5,000 or $11,000 per year, again based on residency. Western New Mexico University in Silver City is the same fee for in-state residents but penalizes non-residents at a rate of $23,000 per year. As a resident, the very reasonably priced universities are all great options to pursue your medical assistant education.


With a generous average salary paid to medical assistants along with a much lower cost of living, New Mexico is one of the most attractive states for workers in this industry. Whether in the extremely large city of Albuquerque or any of the smaller cities in the state, medical assistants will thrive while working or studying at any of the extremely affordable yet respected universities. Give New Mexico honest consideration, because the advantages in this state are greater than most other states.