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Medical Assistant Schools & Programs in New Hampshire (NH)

New Hampshire welcomes anyone, and especially medical assistants, to come enjoy the charm and magic of the New England area whilst pursuing their educations and careers. To make up for the higher cost of living, medical assistants are offered highly competitive wages that will help balance out the difference until you adjust to the new lifestyle. As an ambitious and determined future medical assistant, students will have access to some of the top universities and colleges in the nation, albeit at fairly expensive tuition rates. Don’t discount New Hampshire due to the expenses. The quality of living, experience, and education more than outweigh the need for disciplined spending. A student with plans to eventually leave could very well stay for four years only while taking advantage of these amazing schools, but the chances are that they will fall madly in love with the state and never look back. Don’t read further, lest you also be charmed.

Top 5 Cities

We engage ourselves in our line of work because it is the one we have chosen. It inspires passion and a fire that drives us forward. But that fire is also fueled by the sense of success and rest we receive when we enjoy the fruits of our labor. When we feel secure and free from the stresses of study and work, we return to the task all the more ready to push forward and make leaps of progress. New Hampshire is the perfect state to enjoy a vacation or even just a normal weekend of relaxation and fun. The variously sized cities are none too large, and yet densely packed enough to support any activity you’re hoping to distract yourself with.

The state of New Hampshire is called home by 1,323,459 residents as of the last Census Bureau count. These kind hearted people are spread throughout the state, but also within a few moderately sized population centers. Fine eating, live music, a walk on the town in the cool air, or an evening in a park staring at the night sky can all be had, especially within one of the top five most popular cities in the state, listed below in descending order with their respective populations:

  • Manchester (pop. 109,565)
  • Nashua (pop. 86,494)
  • Concord (pop. 42,695)
  • Derry (pop. 33,109)
  • Dover (pop. 29,987)

If you choose New Hampshire as your home, you’ll have access to an unbroken rich cultural lineage, supplying you with employment, entertainment, and most of all, supremely prestigious education. The pay level for medical assistants is very competitive as well.

Medical Assistant Salary in New Hampshire

While it may be intimidating, do right by yourself and make sure you negotiate for a competitive salary for your position. To pull this off effectively, you need to know several pieces of information. The first of which is the average pay nationally for medical assistants. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that this comes out to $30,780 annually. Knowing this, you can then compare it to the average pay in the state itself. In New Hampshire, medical assistants can expect to receive a payment of $37,000 dollars per year of hard labor.

Before you begin your celebration of an extra $6,000 dollars of spending money per year, you need to consider what the spending power of your money will be in the state. The cost of living in New Hampshire rates a 117 on the 100-point index, with 100 being average in the country. Thanks to high prices in healthcare, housing, and utilities, those extra dollars will likely only balance out.

An average pay rate is nothing to run from, especially when New Hampshire offers students access to some of the most prestigious colleges in the nation.

Medical Assistant Schools in New Hampshire

Employers looking to hire medical assistants will demand that they received their degrees and certifications from a school that is accredited by one of the supervising agencies in the health field. This is no problem in New Hampshire. All of the extremely prominent schools in this state are highly respected for producing some of the top-most performing professionals in every industry.

Among these high level schools is the famous Dartmouth College in Hanover. Students will pay a premium price to obtain the prestige associated with this school, to the tune of $49,000 dollars per year of study. Other high cost private schools in the state, both in Manchester, include Southern New Hampshire University costing $30,000 annually, and Saint Anselm College asking $36,000 per year for tuition.

Before exploring the two notable public schools, a person should know that they’ll save quite a bit of money by procuring in-state tuition as opposed to out-of-state tuition. To make this happen, most colleges ask that students have lived in the state for at least 12 months before enrollment. Otherwise, you can expect to pay double to most universities as a penalty.

The University of New Hampshire in Durham will ask students for $17,000 as in-state tuition and $30,000 as an out-of-state fee per year. To attend Plymouth State University, a student will pay $13,000 and $21,000 annually. As you can see, none of the top schools in the state come cheaply, but the education experience you will receive will be phenomenal.


New Hampshire is an attractive state to anyone, but particularly for budding medical assistants. With a very advantageous average salary to balance out and perhaps exceed the higher cost of living, medical assistants can find security of lifestyle and leisure in the moderately sized cities in the state. There are few equals when attempting to find a state that offers the best schools to gain your education, but in New Hampshire you will be expected to pay a premium tuition to attend these colleges and universities. If you can use this to your advantage in your future career, then by all means consider the rich life and beautiful world of New Hampshire as a possible state to spend the rest of your life.