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Medical Assistant Schools & Programs in Nebraska (NE)

Nebraska is an interesting state for a medical assistant. When looking superficially at the various statistics related to the industry in this state, one could very well miss the magic because it’s hidden in the calculations. Nebraska is knocked off many a person’s list immediately due to the less than competitive wages offered to the medical assisting community, and it’s not until you begin looking at information concerning the cost of living there that the full story reveals itself. Nebraska has two large hubs of commerce and activity along with a handful of modestly sized cities ready to accommodate any lifestyle you could desire. These cities also house various universities that carry a certain level of prestige and honor with them. No student is excluded thanks to lower tuition and higher financial barriers to entry for the more premium educational experience. Nebraska may not shine in one particular area, but what it does offer an aspiring or current medical assistant is choice.

Top 5 Cities

As much as we have passion and excitement for engaging in our chosen professional careers, inevitably we will need a break. No one person can study or work all day, every day. Fortunately for all of us choosing to make Nebraska our home, there are many large cities that support huge populations, booming economies, and offer countless opportunities of entertainment and leisure. The lower salary you’ll receive will go equally far as in any other state thanks to Nebraska’s low cost of living.

The state of Nebraska, as last recounted in 2013 by the Census Bureau, contains 1,868,516 individuals. Almost a quarter reside in Omaha, another eighth in Lincoln, with the rest spread happily throughout the other major cities and towns. The top five most popular cities are listed below along with the number of people residing within:

  • Omaha (pop. 408,958)
  • Lincoln (pop. 258,379)
  • Bellevue (pop. 50,137)
  • Grand Island (pop. 48,520)
  • Kearney (pop. 30,787)

No matter if you want to enjoy a crowd in a bigger city or relax quietly at a calming café in a smaller town, all of the options are available to anyone traveling through or establishing a permanent residency in this great state of Nebraska. This could be you if you so desire, enjoying good food, lively music, and the beautiful outdoors, landscapes, and weather of this fine location.

Medical Assistant Salary in Nebraska

Don’t be intimidated or be shy when investigating and negotiating for a proper salary. You need to make sure you’re being paid a fair wage for your labor and level of education and that this amount of money will ensure that you have access to the basics of life, such as housing, food, clothing, healthcare, and especially enough to offer a sense of security so you can enjoy some free time away from work. The average worker across the nation in this industry enjoys a salary of $30,780 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is one half of your frame of reference when arguing for your salary.

In Nebraska, the typical medical assistant salary is only $28,000, which is $3,000 lower than the national average. Before you become forlorn, remember that this is only half of the story. It actually turns out that this pay is more than competitive when you consider the cost of living in Nebraska. In the cost of living index, 100 is the average rate across the country. Nebraska measures at an 89 index, meaning it is far cheaper than other states. Although this is mainly due to the lower cost in housing, everything from utilities to groceries is cheaper in this state, allowing your lower salary to extend further than an average salary in an average state. Just by looking at the numbers it would appear you lose here, but the truth is it’s a competitive win. The benefits are even larger once you begin looking at schooling options.

Medical Assistant Schools in Nebraska

When looking for a Nebraska medical assistant school, immediately cut off any non-accredited school. Medical assisting is overseen by agencies that govern the industry and demand that their workers receive a degree and certification only from universities and colleges that they have approved as being competent in teaching their students. Nebraska offers several public and private schools that can all help you achieve your goals.

Among the most popular options is The University of Nebraska’s Lincoln campus. This university is accessible to most, charging a tuition of $8,000 for in-state residents and $22,000 for out-of-state residents. The University Nebraska Medical Center should be a particular interest to aspiring medical assistants due to their focus. To enroll in this school will cost a student $9,000 or $27,000 based on residency status.

Those considering moving to this state to study should know that to receive the lower fee of in-state tuition requires them to have lived in the state for a full 12 months before enrolling into the university. This is related to funding in public schools. Private schools don’t distinguish between in or out-of-state residency statuses, such as those below.

Creighton University in Omaha allows students to engage their services for an annual fee of $34,000 dollars. If you can’t afford a premium experience or just don’t think it’s worth it, perhaps the Chadron State College is more appealing at the lower cost of $6,000 per year at 12 credit hours per semester. Another interesting availability is at Bellevue University, where a student can study on campus for $6,000 per year or online for $4,600 per year. Medical assistants can obtain their knowledge at a cost they are comfortable with in Nebraska.


Nebraska can be a safe haven for medical assistants. Don’t be fooled by the lower salary offered to industry workers in the state. The cost of living is significantly lower to the point that the lower salary will stretch very far for you, ensuring you can enjoy the sights and sounds of the variously sized and popular cities during your down time. Students can have a blast all while studying at any of the distinguished universities and colleges in this state. Thrive and live an enjoyable life as a medical assistant in the beautiful atmosphere of Nebraska.