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Medical Assistant Schools & Programs in Mississippi (MS)

Living in or moving to Mississippi can be very exciting. Finding oneself in one of the major hubs of activity that are rich with history and multi-cultural activity will keep you entertained for decades as you continue to invest into your medical assistant career. The most populated cities are large but sized so that you can still retain an identity and gain status within the community as you work and play. Most exhilarating is that medical assistant residents of this southern state will find that their salaries are much higher than the average across the United States, all while enjoying a much lower cost of living. Even the highly regarded universities in the state offer very affordable tuition. Mississippi is calling your name.

Top 5 Cities

One thing Mississippi is known for is always having something entertaining going on. From great music to delicious food, you’ll always have something to distract you from your work life and studies. We can’t always be working. Down time is a must and you’ll be able to afford it in any of the reasonably sized cities in this state. If you can envision yourself drifting down stream with a cold beverage in the cool winds and warm sun of the Mississippi river, then you may have found the state for you.

The state of Mississippi, as of the Census Bureau’s 2010 estimate, sustains a population of 2,991,207 residents. The most popular cities can be found listed below in descending order along with their population counts.

  • Jackson (pop. 173,514)
  • Gulfport (pop. 67,793)
  • Southaven (pop. 48,982)
  • Hattiesburg (pop. 45,989)
  • Biloxi (pop. 44,054)

Regardless of where you choose to live in the state, you’ll find work, chances to learn, and many ways to entertain yourself. Living it up has never been easier than in Mississippi thanks to their medical assistant pay rates and low cost of living. The sites and sounds of the river beckon you to become enraptured as you enjoy a boat ride and enjoy a succulent seafood meal while listening to a live band and carrying on hearty conversation.

Medical Assistant Salary in Mississippi

All a man or woman can really ask for is to earn a rightful salary for the work they perform. On average around the United States medical assistants are paid an annual salary of $30,780. In the great state of Mississippi, medical assistants are privileged to enjoy a full $9,000 dollars more at the average wage of $40,000 per year. This state is very generous to its healthcare workers because they know a healthy population is a productive and industrious population.

While that almost seems reason enough to pack up and move to Mississippi, it should also be stated that the cost of living in the state is 11% lower than the national average, largely thanks to housing costing 26% less. This means that the increased income will have extra spending power, enabling you to live in comfort, security, and enjoy an education at one of the prestigious local universities. The goal of most young folks trying to establish and a life and career is to become a homeowner. This can be achieved in a quarter of the time here, and then you’ll bask in your perpetually decreased expenses thanks to having a mortgage out of the way.

Medical Assistant Schools in Mississippi

In addition to a very advantageous salary and low cost of living, students will be excited to know that even the most distinguished universities in the state come with very affordable rates of tuition. Obtaining your degree and medical assistant certification will not place you in obscene debt in the state of Mississippi, but quite the opposite.

The most popular school in the state, Mississippi State University in Starkville, will cost you a manageable $14,000 as a resident of the state and $20,000 as a non-resident. Their health sciences career pathway will guide you through the Clinical Science program and lead you on your way into the field. The second most distinguished college is the University of Mississippi in Oxford, which charges only $7,000 and $10,000 annually based on residency, can afford you a great educational experience in their Physicians Assistant program. Another relatively inexpensive choice is in Hattiesburg at the University of Southern Mississippi, equally affordable at $7,000 per year for in-state students and $15,000 per year otherwise. Enjoy their pre-medical curriculum in the Medical Laboratory Science program.

If those don’t satisfy your tastes for any reason, further schools for you to investigate exist while still are very respected by the community. For instance, Alcorn State University in Lorman can propel you into the future for an even smaller fee of $6,000 and $15,000 annually for tuition. Finally, Mississippi College in Clinton will accept any qualifying student at a fee of $15,000 annually. Mississippi is a great choice for medical assistants as employees and especially as students.

It is worth stating that you can save as much as two or three times the cost of tuition by being a resident. Residency is claimed, in the eyes of the college administrators, by having established an address and living at the said address for a period of one year prior to applying to the college. If you plan on attending a Mississippi university and working in the state, it can save you a considerable amount of money to become a resident first.


Enjoy the southern charm of Mississippi, where medical assistants receive higher than average salaries with great spending power in this low cost-of-living state. One large benefit is the cost of housing, which is 26% less than the national average, allowing residents to become homeowners in a fraction of the time it takes elsewhere. In addition, the respectably priced tuitions to respected universities help students to achieve their goals, gain their degrees and certifications, all without compounding disruption to their future financial lives. Find a place to call home in any of the culturally rich cities of this calm state. Perhaps you’ll stay forever in the southern state of Mississippi.