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Medical Assistant Schools & Programs in Michigan (MI)

When one thinks of the state of Michigan their thoughts are often related to the automobile industry. But as a medical assistant you can also experience a booming career and lifestyle due to the relatively high salaries afforded you in the medical community along with the low cost of living. Your income will stretch itself further than ever before in the various large cities of Michigan, such as the infamous Detroit. Although Detroit is by far the most populous city in the state, you’ll travel outside to a smaller local to attend the top universities and colleges in the state. The consolation prize is that tuition is very affordable. Living in or moving to Michigan offers many advantages for future or current medical assistants ready to push their lives and careers to the next level. Plateaus are made for breaking and transcending in Michigan.

Top 5 Cities

We work because we enjoy our occupation but also to enable us to live the lifestyle we desire. Whatever your preference is, Michigan has the perfect city to offer you precisely what you want. Perhaps you’d like to get lost among the crowd of a gigantic city such as Detroit or become a recognized member of the Lansing community. No matter your style, calm and slow or fast and furious, you can realize it in Michigan.

The state of Michigan is comprised of 9,895,622 people as of 2010. These residents have chosen the following as the top five most popular, in descending order:

  • Detroit (pop. 713,777)
  • Grand Rapids (pop. 188,040)
  • Warren (pop. 134,056)
  • Sterling Heights (pop. 129,699)
  • Lansing (pop. 144,297)

Strike a balance between working, studying, and enjoying yourself in one of these or any other wonderful Michigan cities. You’ll find you can live the life you’ve always wanted thanks to the favorable pay scale afforded to medical assistants. Take your pick of the rolling hills of the upper peninsula or the flatlands of the southern portion of the state. If it tickles your fancy, you can load up and drive to Canada in no time at all.

Medical Assistant Salary in Michigan

No matter how much we love our jobs, we have to concern ourselves with our earnings as well. Nobody intends to work for free, and it’s quite disrespectful to ask that of anyone. A theoretical average medical assistant in an average state will earn, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, an annual salary of $30,780, but not so of a Michigander.

In Michigan, medical assistants rejoice for two reasons. Firstly, the average wages for a worker in this position comes out to $38,000 per year, a full $7,000 dollars more annually than the nationwide average. Secondly, the cost of living in Michigan is 5.6% lower than the national average due to the low price in the housing market there currently. This ultimately means that medical assistants receive a larger paycheck that has more spending power per dollar than other more typical states. Not only will your lifestyle and vacations be more flamboyant but this will help afford a student the ability to pay for tuition to one of the state’s more esteemed universities.

Medical Assistant Schools in Michigan

Thanks to this wonderful salary and low cost of living, you’ll be able to fund your education within one of the following popular schools in the state. They all allow entry for varying tuition fees, allowing you to choose what’s most appropriate for you. They are all also accredited and can graduate you with your medical assistant certificate so that you’ll be ready to enter into the work field immediately. If you’ve already graduated but want to enter into the medical assistant career field, they can put you on an accelerated path to certification and get you on your way quickly.

The most popular option is The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, charging students $13,000 for in-state residents and $42,000 for out-of-state residents. Michigan State University in East Lansing is another well-known school allowing students to study on their campus for a tuition fee of $22,500 or $44,000, for in-state or out-of-state students respectively. The College of Human Medicine will prepare you for you impending career. For those who aren’t aware, you must have lived in the state for at least 12 months before you can be considered a resident of the state as far as colleges are concerned. Non-residents can expect to pay double or even triple as much for the same education. Strategize whether or not it’s worth your time to live in the state for a year before starting college. It’s a good chance to see if you like the area and to save for tuition. You’ll save a tremendous amount of money this way.

Michigan Technological University in Houghton costs an intimidating $28,000 or $58,000 dollars per year of study based on residency. Two more affordable options exist if you want to pay less while still enrolling at a distinguished college. The Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant costs a more modest $10,000 annually per student, while the Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo charges $11,000 and $25,000 per year based on residency status. As you can see, there are several choices at varying levels of cost. In Michigan, you can make forward progress in your career quite easily.


Michigan could be the answer to your dreams as an aspiring medical assistant. Medical assistants can expect to pay very reasonable tuitions to any of the esteemed universities in the state while enjoying their free time in the big cities of Detroit and Grand Rapids. Upon graduating, finding employment should be a breeze. Michigan offers great salaries in this industry that you can enjoy even more due to the very low cost of living. Becoming a homeowner is no problem with the current housing market. As you explore your options, consider Michigan as a possible destination or launch pad for your education and career.