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Medical Assistant Schools & Programs in Massachusetts (MA)

Massachusetts could be considered a land of opportunity for medical assistants. The large cities, especially that of Boston and Salem, have rich histories that can fill your life with magic and wonder as you enjoy a very advantageous salary as compared to the rest of the nation. The cost of living might be higher, but having access to the various respected universities and colleges will propel you forward in your career like no other state can offer. Perhaps you already live in this state or are looking to relocate. Massachusetts is a great option that can provide all you need to experience a high level of satisfaction in your career and life.

Top 5 Cities

Life is most certainly not all about work, so hopefully when you find a city to work in it will also have plenty of chances for entertainment, good food, and relaxation. Massachusetts definitely fits the bill with its booming city of Boston and the accompanying smaller cities. If you’re a history buff, there will be no end to the intellectual stimulation you receive from this state. No matter what you’re into, live as you like while you become a part of the culture of this historically exciting state.

The state of Massachusetts is called home by 6,692,824 people according to the 2010 United States Census Bureau. Depending on your tolerance for a commute to school or work, your options reach into the dozens in terms of which city you’d enjoy living in. Start your research with one of the top five most popular cities in Massachusetts, listed below in descending order:

  • Boston (pop. 617,660)
  • Worcester (pop. 181,045)
  • Springfield (pop. 153,060)
  • Lowell (pop. 106,519)
  • Cambridge (pop. 105,162)

With small-town populations and ranging up to over half of a million people in Boston, you can find the opportunity you need that accommodates your lifestyle, whether that relates to work, leisure, or study.

Medical Assistant Salary in Massachusetts

The Census Bureau states that the salary for a medical assistant across the nation averages out to $30,780. Finding a fair wage for your efforts is a must. You’ll find this and more by working in Massachusetts. Massachusetts offers its medical assistants an annual salary of $46,000. This, on average, is a full $15,000 dollars more than you would expect in most other states in the nation. This sounds like a very worthy cause for celebration.

Before becoming too excited, there is one caveat to this high salary, and that is a relatively high cost of living as well. The cost of living in Massachusetts is a 137 on the 100-point index scale with 100 being average. This makes this state one of the most expensive in the nation. However, a 50% higher income will outweigh a 37% increase in your cost of living if you maintain a similar lifestyle as you would in a different state. The cost of living is equally high across the board, versus a spike in the housing market or utilities for instance. You won’t have to adjust to any particular circumstance if you move into the state. This advantage will be a boon to you if you’re looking to become a student in this state, as the cost of tuition to attend the more distinguished schools is very expensive.

Medical Assistant Schools in Massachusetts

Finding the right university for you to obtain your medical assistant certification and degree is easy with the innumerable accredited colleges in Massachusetts. Although there are less pricey schools in the state, the most esteemed have a high financial barrier to entry. This should not deter you from considering them, because they offer a superior education, being among the most respected universities in the nation.

For instance, Williams College in Williamstown will provide you with all you need for your career for an annual tuition fee of $48,000 per year with their public health concentration. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge will do the same for $38,000 annually. The ever popular Harvard University in Cambridge will allow access to its Medical School resources for a tuition of $44,000 per year of study. Boston University is another distinguished school asking for a fee of $46,000 per year to study and gain its stamp of approval from their Physician Assistant Program. Finally, there is Tufts University in Medford, costing students $48,000 annual tuition. Use their Health Science campus to your full benefit while enrolled in the Physician Assistant Program.

These are very high prices when other universities can help you get your foot in the door for as little as $6,000 per year if you can prove that you have been a resident of the state for the past 12 months, but none of them offer the respect and admiration you’ll gain by graduating from one of these top tier universities. It should be noted that tuition for out-of-state residents is often two or three times as much as an in-state resident. If you plan on living in Massachusetts for the long haul, you should attempt to move there before enrolling in college to save a substantial amount of money on tuition.


Massachusetts is a very desirable state for an established or aspiring medical assistant. Even though the cost of living is much higher in this state than the average in the country, medical assistant salaries in Massachusetts are even higher. You’ll have extra spending money with more spending power than you expect while working and relaxing in this culturally and historically deep state. Take the time to explore some intricacies of our medical history by visiting Salem and learning about witch’s potions, for instance. Educational opportunities abound in this fashion and with colleges such as Harvard and Boston University offering the perfect programs to launch your career. The premium tuitions will be no problem with your competitive salary, and cheaper options exist if you’d rather save on tuition. It will be difficult to beat the advantages offered by Massachusetts.