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Medical Assistant Schools & Programs in Maryland (MD)

Maryland is an interesting state to reside in as a medical assistant. Opportunity abounds statewide, but the large hub of Baltimore houses the majority of the population and job opportunities, including working at or studying at John Hopkins University which carries an aura of respect and admiration amongst the medical community. Although the pay for medical assistants is a bit higher than the average wages across the nation, the cost of living is almost 30% higher due to the cost of housing and utilities. It can be worth it to enjoy the various experiences and beauty of the northeastern area while attending one of the many universities and schools in the area.

Top 5 Cities

Striking balance between work and leisure time in Maryland is easy due to the variously populated cities. Whether you want to relax into a smaller, more comfortable community or seek adventure in the much larger city of Baltimore, the option is up to you. You can spend your free time however you like with the options Maryland provides.

The state of Maryland, recent as of 2010 according to the United States Census Bureau’s data, houses 5,928,814 residents. The top five most populated cities are listed below in descending order:

  • Baltimore (pop. 619,493)
  • Frederick (pop. 66,169)
  • Rockville (pop. 62,334)
  • Gaithersburg (pop. 61,045)
  • Bowie (pop. 55,232)

All depending on your style, you can live it up in Baltimore with a population ten times the size of the second largest city, or you can relax within one of the smaller cities and breathe easy during your down time. The choice is yours in Maryland.

Medical Assistant Salary in Maryland

The first question anyone asks when concerned with taking on a new career or job is how much it pays, and rightfully so. Even if we love our line of work, we deserve a fair wage for our labor. Medical assistants across the country average an annual salary of $30,780 as reported by the United State’s BLS.

In Maryland, for the same work you can expect to be paid around $2,500 more for your efforts, or a total of about $33,500 per year. Although Maryland has much to offer, one of the downsides for medical assistants is that, even though the pay is higher than the national average, the cost of living is a whopping 29% higher than the average nationwide. This means that your increased salary won’t make up for the difference, which is due mainly to the doubly expensive housing and 15% higher utilities fees. In a more positive light, education is much more accessible in Maryland than in most other states.

A strategy that some medical students are known to employ is to reside in the state for the four years it takes to obtain a degree at one of the highly esteemed colleges in the state, and then take their new found prowess and aura of respect to another state, where their prestigious degree will command a respectable salary in an easier-to-obtain job where the cost-of-living is cheaper.

Medical Assistant Schools in Maryland

There are many careers out there that have no overseeing agencies that require proof of competency, and a great deal of schools that will teach you the skills to thrive in those professions. However, medical assisting employers demand that you obtain a degree and certification from an accredited college. In this state, you will find countless Maryland medical assistant programs, among the most distinguished in the nation for the medical industry. Whether you need an inexpensive education or can afford a premium experience, you’ll be able to launch yourself into the future in Maryland.

One of the most esteemed colleges in the nation for the medical field is John Hopkins University in Baltimore. To obtain an education from this school, you will pay $47,000 per year in tuition but command respect from your peers and employers forever more. CMA’s at this school will perform internships throughout the state at the various John Hopkins Community Physicians locations and most likely obtain employment there upon graduation. Another quality school to attend is the Towson University, requiring a budget of $8,000 for those with an established residency of at least a one year duration or $20,000 for non-residents. Their healthcare management program will teach you all you need to know to become a physician assistant.

The University of Maryland has several campuses spread throughout the state. A student can enter the Baltimore campus for a fee of $10,000 or $20,000 depending on their residency. To enroll into the College Park campus of the University of Maryland, the cost incurred will be $10,000 or $30,000, again based on residency status in the state. For a cheaper option in the same University, the Adelphi campus will accept students at a tuition fee of $6,500 per year or $12,000 per year for out-of-state residents. These three all features schools of public health to help prepare you for the realities of your career. Your options are limited only by your ability to pay for tuition, and fortunately Maryland has offers among the full price spectrum.


Maryland is a unique opportunity for aspiring medical assistants. There are pros and cons that will carry different amounts of weight depending on your preference. The rate of pay for those in this field is higher than the national average but won’t extend as far monetarily due to the very high cost of living in the state. This may be worth tolerating in the meantime so you can have access to the distinguished medical colleges such as John Hopkins University. It will require a costly tuition fee, but finding a job in a more advantageous state after graduating should be very easy after gaining your certification and prowess from such highly respected schools. If you’re a strategist who likes to position him or herself ahead of the pack, Maryland might offer the solution for you.