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Medical Assistant Schools & Programs in Maine (ME)

Living or moving to Maine will open up a world of opportunity for anyone wanting enjoy the sights and sounds of New England while engaged in the medical assistant career path. While the cost of living is slightly higher in Maine than in the rest of the nation, medical assistants enjoy a relatively larger salary helping their income go further than it would elsewhere. The various modestly sized cities provide much in the way of job opportunities as well as relaxation and entertainment. As a student, you can enroll in a prestigious and expensive school or take the pressure off at a lower-cost university. The choices are yours to make in Maine.

Top 5 Cities

While we aren’t always able to dictate precisely where we’d like to live due to our professions carrying us to and fro, finding yourself in the state of Maine is a situation you can celebrate. The quaint yet reasonably inhabited cities of this state offer a world of experience for you during your work life and your leisure time. Relaxing, finding excitement, or digging into the rich history of the northeastern seaboard can all be enjoyed from one of Maine’s top 5 most populated cities, listed below in descending order:

  • Portland (pop. 66,194)
  • Lewiston (pop. 36,592)
  • Bangor (pop. 33,039)
  • South Portland (pop. 25,002)
  • Auburn (pop. 23,055)

As seen above, no single city in Maine houses a disproportionate number of its 1,328,302 residents. With low population densities spread around the entire state, you can enjoy a comfortable community no matter where you live. Just be ready to endure the freezing yet romantic winter months as payment for the refreshingly cool summer months.

Medical Assistant Salary in Maine

One misunderstanding about money is that a dollar equals a dollar no matter where you go in the United States but this simply isn’t true. So when considering the salary of a medical assistant in Maine or any other state, while it does help to know the hard number first, this doesn’t reveal the full truth about the spending power of those dollars.

Nationwide, the average annual wages for medical assisting come out to $30,780 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In Maine, the average income for the same career annually is around $34,000 according to Indeed.com. This tells us that medical assistants in Maine enjoy about an extra $3,000 per year more than the average worker in the field in another state.

However, more insight is gained when you learn that the cost of living in the state is 5% higher than the rest of the nation due to largely to the higher prices in food and utilities. So while that extra $3,000 will definitely help out, it’s not quite a full three grand as compared to the average across the country, especially as you’re tempted by the ever-delicious retinue of seafood at your disposal. Fortunately the cost of schooling can be extremely inexpensive or very costly depending on your preference. There is a measure of control in your choice of which school to attend and the quality of education you receive.

Medical Assistant Schools in Maine

Whether you’re a freshman looking to enroll into a Maine medical assistant program or you’re a graduate who wants to enter the field, you will find a handful of options to seek your education and eventual certification. Maine features inexpensive public universities and costlier private schools that all feature accredited medical programs that are bestowed with the power to officially offer you the right to work in the medical assistant industry.

Among these universities is the University of Maine in Orono. Attending this school will cost a resident $9,000 per year as a resident or $23,000 per year for non-residents. Their Pre-Medical Studies program offers a concentration as a physician assistant, which is equivalent to medical assisting. Another affordable college is the University of Southern Maine in Portland that charges $6,000 and $16,000 for tuition for in-state or out-of-state students respectively. Prospective medical assistants will be interested in their Health Sciences program. These public schools will offer an affordable and well-rounded education.

There are more distinguished programs available to those who desire and can afford the tuition. Bowdoin College in Brunswick features a Biological Sciences that, while highly respected, will charge students $45,000 annually. The University of New England in Biddeford costs $34,000 per year to enroll in their medical biology program, which features a Pre-Physician Assistant Track. There is also the relevant Saint Joseph’s College of Maine in Standish that can offer you their support for an annual $31,000 in tuition. Maine’s various offerings can accommodate any style of student, ensuring you find what you want while pursuing life in this state.

Please note that to be considered a resident of the state by a university or college, they will expect you to have lived in the state for at least 12 months before applying for enrollment. Those not having done this can expect to be charged double or triple the regular tuition for their troubles. It can be strategically advantageous to move to the state and work while saving for tuition. The money saved on paying out-of-state tuition will be an incredible amount earned at the cost of delaying graduation for a year.


Maine is a very attractive state to consider as a medical assistant. The cost of living may be a bit higher in this state than the average across the nation, but those in this career field will enjoy a salary that more than balances out their living expenses. Finding an appropriately priced college that delivers the quality of education you desire can easily be done in this progressive state that ostracizes no one. Enjoy the adventure of work and leisure in Maine and have access to beaches, seafood, beautiful architecture, and enough history and culture to suit the most intellectually inclined.