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Medical Assistant Schools & Programs in Louisiana (LA)

There’s been lots of buzz lately about the healthcare system in America. As it continues to evolve and move into the future, so too does the need for professionals working in the medical field. In the State of Louisiana, the demand for Medical Assistants has never been greater. Without Medical Assistants working in the field, Louisiana’s healthcare system would likely crumble.

Working as a Medical Assistant in Louisiana is really no small job, it comes with a lot of responsibility and as such should be a career that is carefully considered before entering into the field. Medical Assistants are the backbone that helps keep many of the state’s hospitals in full operation. Louisiana is a great place to work as a Medical Assistant because there are many opportunities in the field including:

  • Flexible hours
  • Competitive salary
  • Unprecedented growth and experience
  • Healthy benefits

As of 2014, the State of Louisiana has only about 4,000 Medical Assistants working throughout the state. However, this number is expected to increase by 10 times within the next decade. As the population of Louisiana continues to age and the population slowly starts to increase, Medical Assistants are really starting to be a hot commodity. As a result of this, the state’s medical and health departments are trying to encourage people into considering a career in the field.

In Louisiana, certification is needed in order to be employed as a Medical Assistant. As such, many colleges and universities are starting to offer incentives in order to draw more students into their programs. Although the pay rate will likely remain relatively low, the cost of living in the area combined with the employment benefits of a Medical Assistant position makes it quite the attractive career choice for anyone who has an interest in working in the medical industry.

Top 5 Cities

Much preparation has gone into the development of the health care industry in Louisiana. With the anticipated growth of patients needing health care services in the state, a number of new hospitals and health care centers are being constructed and updated. Within the State of Louisiana, some of the biggest opportunities for Medical Assistants are in the larger urban areas where the populations are booming.

The top cities to watch in Louisiana include: New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Metairie and Lafayette. All of these cities are happening places to be and as such are seeing some increased population rates and are expected to grow even more. The populations of these cities are overall in the mid-hundreds of thousands which is decent sized for the state. For anyone searching for a job as a Medical Assistant it makes the most sense to search in these larger metropolitan areas because that’s where the most job growth will occur.

Medical Assistant Salary In Louisiana

A career as a Medical Assistant won’t necessarily make a person rich, but the income that it can provide can really be quite lucrative. The average salary for a Medical Assistant right out of school in Louisiana is $34,000. Of course, salaries can differ depending on a number of factors. The biggest factors that will change a salary are education level, experience, and location. The more populated cities usually offer higher salaries, whereas the smaller cities pay less. Regardless, a person is able to live comfortably in Louisiana on a Medical Assistant’s salary.

Another nice benefit of working as a Medical Assistant is that there is definitely an opportunity for expansive career growth which means that you can expect to see your salary double or triple after working in the industry for some time. It’s important to be as educated as possible and search for a viable Medical Assistant program in Louisiana since the better educated that you are, the more likely that you will see your career and salary excel.

Medical Assistant School in Louisiana

Selecting the right school to pursue your degree as a Medical Assistant can be a little overwhelming. There are a number of coveted Medical Assistant schools in Louisiana that are viable options. Depending on your ultimate end goal will also affect which school you end up selecting. While the principles of a Medical Assistant program are all the same, there is definitely some variation from program to program. Some programs are more office and clerical based while others are more medical based.

The most sought after schools in Louisiana are: Fortis College, Eastern College of Health, Bossier Parish College, Career Technical College, and Herzing University. Most of these schools have one and two year Medical Assistant programs. Tuition really depends on the school selected and can range on average from $10,000 to $30,000 for a single year. The investment to become a Medical Assistant is really not all that much compared to other industries and the time commitment is overall short, only requiring a year or two of study.

When searching for the right school for you it’s important to look into the relationships that the college or university has with area hospitals. The best schools will have co-ops and internships that will provide hands on experience. The best way to learn is not only in the classroom, but is also based on real-world experience. As such, you should search for a Medical Assistant program in Louisiana that has the right balance of classroom work and internship programs.


It is truly an exciting time to pursue a career as a Medical Assistant in Louisiana. Although the economy might still be struggling to rebound, the healthcare industry is booming and is expected to only grow even more. In Louisiana in particular the state does a nice job of encouraging people to enter into the field as a Medical Assistant and makes sure to offer decent benefits. There will always be a need for Medical Assistants and this is one profession that you can count on some form of job security and career growth. With a number of different Medical Assistant programs in Louisiana to choose from, the opportunities are truly endless in terms of where your career can take you.