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Medical Assistant Schools & Programs in Georgia (GA)

The state of Georgia offers incredible opportunities to students and employees in the medical assistant community. Normal people constantly in need of medical help populate the variously sized cities, including the large bustling city of Atlanta. This means there are plenty of places of employment for you to flourish financially within. Georgia features many universities, including the famous Emory University. Whether you’re looking for a smaller, intimate college or an Ivy League experience, Georgia has what you need at various levels of affordability. The most beautiful aspect of Georgia, besides it’s physical landscapes and scenery, is the fact that the average salary paid to medical assistants is far higher than the national average while the cost of living is much lower than the rest of the nation. You’ll find you have plenty of expendable income to enjoy the sights, sounds, and entertainments of Georgia’s wonderful hubs of activity.

Top 5 Cities

Georgia is a fantastic state to seek employment or a university to study at, but it also provides endless options for entertainment and leisure. The large and densely populated Atlanta is a giant hub of business and nightlife, while Augusta offers experiences such as watching the best golf professional compete at The Master’s tournament. The opportunities for education, entertainment, and employment are essentially endless.

The state of Georgia is home to an estimated 9,992,167 people as stated by the United States Census Bureau’s 2013 data collection. Although the population is largely spread across the entire landmass of Georgia, many have chosen to live within the many cities of northern and southern Georgia. The top five most populated cities are listed below ordered from most-to-least popular:

  • Atlanta (pop. 443,775)
  • Augusta (pop. 198,413)
  • Columbus (pop. 197,872)
  • Macon (pop. 155,369)
  • Savannah (pop. 142,022)

These numbers convey that you have many choices before you concerning the cities of Georgia. You can choose to live in a dense and large city such as Atlanta or choose a smaller and more intimate city such as Savannah. Of course, you can choose to not even live within the city limits and make a commute into town for your work and entertainment needs. The choice is yours.

Medical Assistant Salary in Georgia

Although all of us choose our careers because we want to engage in a topic we are interested in and passionate about, most of us enjoy our leisure time even more so. We work to enable us to experience a freedom of time and activity. That’s why the first question in anyone’s mind when concerning a job is how much it will pay or not pay. If you’re considering or already live in Georgia as a medical assistant, you will enjoy a serious advantage compared to the rest of the nation.

The average income nationally for this job is $30,780 dollars annually. For workers in Georgia, the average salary for a medical assistant is a whopping $43,000 dollars per year. This is a huge benefit, but the deal becomes even sweeter once you look into the data concerning the cost of living.

The cost of living in Georgia ranges from slightly lower to significantly lower than the national average depending on which cities you choose reside in and near. This means that you are not only receiving a much higher salary than others in the nation, but the purchasing power of your dollar can go much further as well. This is fantastic news for those eyeing Georgia as their ultimate destination.

Medical Assistant Schools in Georgia

In an important industry such as the medical field, it’s not just enough to say you’ve studied and received a degree. You must receive a certification proving that you’re capable of performing the tasks at hand safely and swiftly without the need for constant observation. That’s why Georgia’s many fully-accredited colleges and universities will provide you with observational hours, clinical hours, and even help with job placements after sending you on your way with your degree and certification.

Attending school in Georgia can be very affordable or you can choose to pay a premium price for a very prestigious affiliation. For instance, you can decide to enroll in the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, commonly known as Georgia Tech for just $4,500 or $14,000 annually, as a resident or non-resident respectively. Many people graduate from this school and enter the work field as successfully as anywhere else.

However, you can choose to take a different path and enroll in the luxurious Emory University in Atlanta for the premium price of $90,000 annually just for tuition. Let it be known that if you successfully traverse this path, you will receive an aura of respect and admiration that graduates from these types of universities receive. It can be well worth it depending on the career journey you are embarking upon.

The last three of the most popular and highly rated colleges in the state include The University of Georgia in Athens. Students enrolling in this school will pay $11,000 or $29,000 based on residency for a full year of study. There also is Georgia State University, known as GSU, which costs for a year of tuition the fee of $7,000 or $11,000, again based on residency. And finally there is the choice of Kennesaw State University, which charges a modest $6,000 or $16,000 dollars per year.

While there are obvious advantages to paying in-state fees, it can be worth the value to travel and pay out-of-state tuition to attend the college or your choice in the state of your preference. Georgia’s competitive salaries and low cost of living can quickly balance out the extra charges.


Georgia flat out is one of the best states to live in if you’re already or considering pursuing a career in medical assisting. The Georgia medical assistant schools vary from one of the most respected in the nation to the equally respected but far more affordable. The cost of living is much lower in the state while the average medical assistant salaries in Georgia are fantastically higher than the nation’s average wages. No matter what kind of lifestyle you hope to enjoy, you’ll be afforded it in Georgia thanks to their competitive pay scales and low expenses.