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Medical Assistant Schools & Programs in Florida (FL)

Medical assistants looking at the state of Florida as a possible home will find that this multi-cultural hub offers many opportunities for employment and education. Florida is packed with densely populated cities full of people finding themselves in need of medical treatment. The variously priced universities of this southern state offer tiers of affordability to students interested in joining the medical community. While the average salary is slightly lower than the rest of the nation provides to medical assistants, the cost of living varies greatly depending on which city you reside in. You’ll find financial harmony, gain a great education, and enjoy endless amounts of entertainment in the warm weathers and beautiful landscapes and beaches of Florida.

Top 5 Cities

Of course, we choose medical assisting because that is our passion, but life can’t be all about working or studying. We perform these tasks in the most enjoyable manner possible, but our careers are also about enabling us to afford comfort, luxury, and freedom of experience during our leisure times. Whether you’re into a calm night on the town, an exciting party experience, or a relaxing weekend on the beach, Florida can offer you all of the excitements and relaxations that any other state can offer, and possibly more, due to it’s wonderful geographical positioning and multi-cultural cities. Activities, work, and educational opportunities abound.

The state of Florida houses 19,552,860 people as referenced from the United States Census Bureau’s 2013 data. Many of these people choose to congregate in the top five most popular cities of the state, which are listed below in descending order:

  • Jacksonville (pop. 823,316)
  • Miami (pop. 408,568)
  • Tampa (pop. 335,709)
  • St. Petersburg (pop. 244,818)
  • Orlando (pop. 239,037)

As you could imagine, the varied state of Florida will allow you to choose a large, medium, or small city suited precisely to your preference while still allowing you to bask in the sun and warm weather, all while achieving your educational and employment goals.

Medical Assistant Salary in Florida

Work comprises a disproportionate part of our lives, but fortunately we do it out of love and passion for our career choices. However, the truth is that we also work to enable us to live, enjoy, relax, and have experiences during our lifetimes. So a natural question everyone has before moving and engaging in a new job is how much it will pay. The national average pay for a medical assistant is $30,780 as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is an average and provides some insight, but Florida is one of 50 current states in the nation. So how does it compare against the average?

The average Florida medical assistant salary comes out to an annual $29,000 payment, which is just about $2,000 less than the national average. This is not a life-altering difference, and the truth of the matter isn’t revealed until you concern yourself with the cost of living in the state. The cost of living in Florida is actually right on par with the average across the nation, with small fluctuations depending on which city you choose to live in or near. And so, depending on where you decide to live, your income could purchase a bit more or a bit less in Florida, but not so much of a difference that you should rush into or flee this wonderful state. Your financial situation will be even keel, making other considerations the key factors in whether or not you move or stay in Florida.

Medical Assistant Schools in Florida

Whether you simply need to obtain your certification or you need to start at the beginning as a freshman, Florida’s many universities can supply you with all of the requirements you need to become fully certified to work as a medical assistant. Graduates will have met all of the requirements needed to enter the medical industry immediately upon completion of their studies.

With Florida’s average cost of living, the respected and honored universities of the state are all relatively very affordable. The University of Florida in Gainesville allows residents to enroll at the cost of just $6,300 annually. Non-residents can expect to generally pay double to triple the tuition of in-state students. The University of Miami, situated in the city of Coral Gables, is one of the more expensive options, costing students $21,500 dollars per year to attend, but also providing an exemplary education.

The last three schools of the top five are equally affordable. The New College of Florida in Sarasota will charge students $7,000 and $30,000 for in-state or non-resident tuition, respectively. Florida State University in Tallahassee, in turn, costs an aspiring medical assistant a tuition fee of $6,000 in-state or $17,000 out-of-state per year of study. And finally, the University of Central Florida in Orlando is another lower cost option. Students can expect to pay $5,000 or $18,000 depending on if they are residents are not.

Attending college in Florida is surprisingly more affordable than other states to receive an equal level of education. These universities may not carry the prestige of an Ivy League school, but students are graduating and being placed in jobs every semester. No student is lacking for knowledge or opportunity. Quality educational options and job placements abound in the great state of Florida.


Florida is an amazing place to be. Various cultures have come together to create an experience unlike any other, broadening your worldview and enjoyment of life. The cost of living is average when compared to the rest of the nation, which is a plus when you consider the just slightly below average medical assistant salary in the state. Much makes up for this small difference, including affordable education and large population that ensures opportunities for employment. Easy access to the beach and warm weather provides all the relaxation a person can need as they engage in their education and careers. Florida should definitely make the short-list of your considerations.