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Medical Assistant Schools & Programs in Delaware (DE)

The state of Delaware is a great opportunity for medical assistants who like modest living without getting overwhelmed by an aggressive culture inspired by large populations. The relatively small cities offer many chances to find employment while maintaining a sense of intimacy and community. Delaware features many universities and colleges at varying tuition rates, meaning you can find one that suits your financial needs while still receiving a top-tier education. The salary offered to medical assistants in Delaware is slightly higher than the nation’s average, largely due to the slightly higher than average cost of living. Everything balances out in this calm, cultured state of refinement.

Top 5 Cities

It’s important to compartmentalize work and play within your life. While we should study and work because we are passionate about the field of medical assisting, we also put forth all of this effort so we can afford to live and enjoy our free time as well, spending time with friends and family, traveling, or simply enjoying a calm night on the town. Delaware’s small but bustling cities offer relaxation and high-minded activities for any style of living at any moment while ensuring there’s plenty of work for you to perform to afford you the lifestyle of your choosing.

The state of Delaware may be small, but as of 2013 it is home to an estimated 925,749 residents according to the United States Census Bureau data. The top five most popular, and therefore populated, cities are listed below in descending order:

  • Wilmington (pop. 71,305)
  • Dover (pop. 36,560)
  • Newark (pop. 31,618)
  • Middletown (pop. 18,995)
  • Smyrna (pop. 10,180)

Whether you like to get lost in the crowd or you want to know your neighbor, the mayor, and everyone else, the options are there for your choosing. Delaware is a fantastic state of intimacy, charm, culture, and community. Delaware mirrors the world at large. You can nestle yourself into a small area and become personally involved in the community, or you can get lost amongst the crowd and just observe Delaware’s activity move around you.

Medical Assistant Salary in Delaware

We work because we enjoy our career choices, but we also work because we must sustain a standard of living for our families and ourselves. We may love the medical assistant work we perform, but everyone needs to be able to afford down time and vacations away from work. In Delaware the average medical assistant salary is $33,000 annually according to Indeed.com. This is 7% higher than the national average as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which states that the nations on average pays workers in this career path $30,780 per year. This is a joyous discovery, right? Well, you have to cross-reference this data against the cost of living in Delaware, which reveals the true purchasing power of the income you’re earning.

The cost of living in Delaware, when compared against the cost of living in the United States at large, is 12% higher. This is five points higher than the positive discrepancy in earnings for medical assistants in the state. This means that although you are earning more than average, you’re spending even more on average than you would elsewhere. Once all factors are considered, the average pay in Delaware for a medical assistant salary is actually lower than the rest of the nation. But not so drastically that you should write off Delaware as a potential destination. You must consider other factors as the quality and affordability of education within the state.

Medical Assistant Schools in Delaware

Medical assistants require more than just schooling and a degree. They must meet several types of requirements such as clinical hours, observational hours, and more to receive their certificate, which acts as a stamp of approval from an overseeing accreditation agency that allows you to enter the work field. Delaware’s many colleges and universities can offer this as a stand-alone or, as a freshman, you will graduate with all requirements in place. If you’re a veteran to the medical community but shifting focus to medical assisting, these schools will still help you achieve your goals and receive your certification.

Among the most popular, respected, and prestigious universities in Delaware is the University of Delaware in Newark. Tuition fees to attend this school total $12,000 and $21,000 annually for in-state and out-of-state students respectively. As a bonus, this is an all-inclusive fee that includes room and board, food, and supplies. Another popular option is the Delaware State University in Dover, which allows students to enroll as residents for the price of $7,500 annual tuition and $15,500 for non-residents.

Other smaller but in-demand colleges include the Wesley College in Dover. Tuition to attend Wesley College is $23,000 per year. The Goldley-Beacom College in Wilmington is another respectable option that one may find slightly more affordable at $18,000 per year annual tuition. Students should also explore the option of Wilmington University, strangely in New Castle instead of Wilmington. As a top-rated school in Delaware, tuition will cost $8,000 annually for residents and double for non-residents.

The geographically small state of Delaware still offers a large range of options for receiving your degree and certification at a various pricing tiers. If you have chosen Delaware as your place to be, you will find an accessible option suited to your financial needs or preferences. Most of these schools will have established relationships within the community’s local businesses and will likely be able to place you in a job as you graduate as well. That’s a hard deal to beat.


Delaware is a special state that provides great opportunity for medical assistants looking for a small-state existence. Although the cost of living is just above the national average, so are the Delaware medical assistant salaries. The medical assistant programs offered by the highly respected universities in this state are beyond top-notch. The cultural history, community involvement, and lifestyles in Delaware make it an attractive option for anyone, including aspiring medical assistants.