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Medical Assistant Schools & Programs in Connecticut (CT)

Connecticut is a beautiful state in the northeastern New England area of the United States. Due to the modestly large cities densely packed into a smaller state, Connecticut offers a lot of opportunity for medical assistants looking for steady employment. It also is home to several of the most prestigious universities in the nation, including an Ivy League school. While the salaries offered for medical assistants are above average, they don’t quite make up for the much higher cost of living as compared to the rest of the nation. But don’t let that intimidate you. Connecticut has a lot to offer anyone.

Top 5 Cities

Not a single person on this planet intends to embark throughout their life doing nothing but studying and working. Connecticut can surely offer those items to ambitious medical assistants, but even medical assistants need to take down time and enjoy their hard earned money while being entertained and relaxing. Connecticut can excite the intellectual mind with its rich history or soothe the anxious and weary with its gorgeous landscape and architectural achievements. The cities of Connecticut literally have all you could hope for and more.

The state of Connecticut houses 3,596,080 residents as of 2013 according to the United States Census Bureau. How many of these people have chosen to live within the city limits of the top five largest Connecticut cities? The top five most popular cities are listed below in descending order.

  • Bridgeport (pop. 144,229)
  • Haven (pop. 129,779)
  • Hartford (pop. 124,775)
  • Stamford (pop. 122,643)
  • Waterbury (pop. 110,366)

Every establishment you can dream of, from restaurants, theaters, museums, universities, and hospitals have risen in cities of these sizes to support the booming populations and cultures. This is all fine, but can medical assistants afford to take part in and enjoy the various sights and sounds of Connecticut?

Medical Assistant Salary in Connecticut

When perusing the data collected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, you’ll find that the average salary for medical assistants across the nation is $30,780 per year. This is great, especially for a two-income household. How do medical assistants in Connecticut fare when compared to the national average? The BLS also reports that the average Connecticut medical assistant salary is $34,260 dollars annually. This is about a $3,000 dollar difference every year. That’s great but you must also consider the purchasing power of the dollar in the state.

Unfortunately, the cost of living in Connecticut is much higher than the national average, coming in at an index of 126, where 100 is the normalized average for the nation. This means that although the income you’ll receive for your work is higher than expected, it won’t afford you the same luxuries it would in another state. The higher than average income actually, once all numbers are balanced and considered, lower than other states in the nation. This is something that should be considered before committing to a move to Connecticut. But don’t let it be the only factor you consider or you’ll forget about the fantastic educational opportunities offered to you in this powerful and older state.

Medical Assistant Schools in Connecticut

As a post-graduate wanting to pivot into the field of medical assisting, you’ll need to find a program that can help you obtain all of the requirements needed to be rewarded with a certificate from an accredited college or university. Connecticut’s schools can do this, and if you’re just starting as a freshman in the field then you’ll be pleased to know that you’ll graduate fully ready to enter the work field instead of having to pursue extra-curricular requirements. Some of the most respected universities in the nation are ready to help you achieve your goals, and they are nested comfortably within the great state of Connecticut.

Among these highly respected universities in Connecticut is Wesleyan University in Middletown. Tuition comes in at an incredible $48,000 dollars per year, but the education and prestige associated with a degree from Wesleyan can arguably pay for itself very quickly once you’ve entered the work field. Another extremely well known option is Yale University in New Haven. To enroll in Yale, a student can expect to pay $45,000 per year of study.

Let’s interject for a moment to mention an equally popular but more affordable school called the University of Connecticut in Storrs. To spend a year studying at this university will only cost you $10,000 as a resident of the state and $30,000 as a non-resident. This is much more easily accessible and preferable for some people but it won’t carry the same wow-factor you’d receive when boasting your degree from Wesleyan or Yale. Other high-powered options exist as well.

Trinity College in Hartfort carries an aura of respect and admiration. To transfer this aura to a student, the student will have to pay an annual tuition of $47,000 per year. Finally, one can decide to enter the most expensive college in Connecticut, coincidentally called the Connecticut College in New London.

As previously noted, the cost of living in this state is much higher than the rest of the nation, which includes education. But remember, you get what you pay for and that there are always affordable options beyond just the top five universities and colleges you can investigate. If you’re just starting out as an adult and student, nobody expects you to have already conquered the financial world. There are plenty of options that you’ll find desirable and affordable.


Connecticut is an interesting choice that boils down to personal preference. Medical assistants will find that the salaries extended to them are higher than the national average but don’t quite make up for the much higher cost of living. But the area, history, and culture of the state, along with the very prestigious and respected universities ensure your intellect will be fully engaged during your stay. Anyone enjoying a career in Connecticut should consider himself or herself fortunate to live in such an amazing state.