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Medical Assistant Schools & Programs in Alabama (AL)

The state of Alabama offers great opportunities in employment and education for medical assistants. The many populous cities pay their workers with this job title collectively better than most other states in the nation while offering a variety of educational opportunities. The various medical assistant programs in Alabama have a wide range of tuition fees, scholarships, and loans, making them accessible to most students who really want to join the work force in this growing industry.

Top 5 Cities

Obviously, finding opportunities to study in a medical assistant program or obtain employment in the field will require you to go to where the openings are, whether at a college or a hospital. Although we spend many of our waking hours engaged in our professions, we also want to migrate where the fun is at so our down time is truly enjoyable. Fortunately the major cities contain both! Alabama is home to quite a few large metropolises that can fulfill every need for any aspiring person in the medical field.

The state of Alabama is home to an estimated 4,833,722 people as of the year 2013. The top five most populated and popular cities in Alabama are, in descending order:

  • Birmingham (pop. 212,113)
  • Montgomery (pop. 201,332)
  • Mobile (pop. 194,899)
  • Huntsville (pop. 186,254)
  • Tuscaloosa (pop. 95,334)

With populations ranging from over 90,000 people up to 200,000 plus, these cities offer plenty of opportunity to join the medical helping community while offering the sights and sounds to provide plenty of entertainment in your down time.

Medical Assistant Salary in Alabama

Of course we all choose a career out of passion and interest, but the stark reality of the matters is we need to get paid as well. So what does a medical assistant tend to receive as compensation for their duties in the great state of Alabama? According to Indeed.com, the average salary of a medical assistant in Alabama comes in at $38,000 dollars annually.

Cross-referencing the U.S. national averages as supplied by Salary.com, Alabama is providing more than competitive pay in this industry and for this job specifically, making Alabama quite the attractive location for those interested in this growing field. The government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics states the average pay of medical assistants as just over $29,000 per year with a 29% growth rate per decade. With such a great job outlook, now is a great time to enter into the health industry, specifically as a medical assistant.

Medical Assistant Schools in Alabama

A person planning on entering into one of the medical assistant schools in AL will be pleased to know that several places of employment, such as Baptist Health, provide scholarships for those willing to commit to working for the company after completing their education. These opportunities abound and will smooth the financial transition of your potential move and enrollment into one of the top colleges in the states.

Many of the major universities in the state offer fully accredited medical assistant training programs so that you graduate with all of the requirements met including any certifications needed to enter into full employment. This prevents you from delaying your future by having to pursue post-graduate certifications and training. This is what makes the all-in-one medical assistant programs in Alabama so attractive to those looking for a fast track into the field. Propel yourself into the future by checking out the many colleges in this state.

Among these is The University of Alabama’s Capstone College of Nursing in Tuscaloosa. Students attending this school can expect to spend as little as $13,000 per semester and upwards of $20,000 if paying out-of-state tuition. Another option is Auburn University in Montgomery, which offers a Clinical Medical Assistant Certificate Program. Tuition at this university can cost as little as $29,000 per semester for in-state residents and up to $47,000 for out-of-state attendants.

If those don’t appeal to you for whatever reason, you might find The University of Alabama at Birmingham more desirable. The American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) provides certification to all Certified Medical Assistants (CMA’s) graduating from this university. Students pay an estimated $5,000 per semester with in-state tuition and $10,000 per semester for out-of-state tuition at the UAB college. The University of South Alabama in Mobile also offers a medical assistant program that they call a physician’s assistant program. Tuition can run a student or parent about $4,000 per semester for 12 credit hours in-state and as much as $8,000 for out-of-state tuition.

Another popular college to attend for studying in a medical assistant program in Alabama is the Alabama State University, commonly called ASU, also located in Montgomery. The ASU school of Pre-Health will cost an academic aspirant an averaged $8,000 or $16,000, depending on if the student is paying in-state or out-of-state tuition fees.

Obviously as you read the above information you realize that it is quite advantageous to attend college in the state in which you currently reside. Most of the universities in Alabama charge two and a half times more for non-residents to attend their schools than if you already lived there. You can’t readily bypass this rule as most states ask for students to have established domicile for at least 12 months in state before allowing them to enjoy the in-state tuition pay tier. If you’ve thought ahead this far, you can take a year off after high school to live and work in Alabama to prepare financially for medical assistant school.


Entering into a new field of study or career is intimidating. There are an almost infinite number of options for places to work and study, but fortunately there is one factor that helps us narrow down the choice. This factor is money. The question becomes one of salary or tuition cost. Alabama medical assistant schools are vary widely in tuition fees, so you can effectively get in fairly inexpensively compared to other states. Alabama also offers a competitively advantageous salary for this field. If you’re living in Alabama or deliberating moving to this state, you aren’t making a bad choice at all. Medical assistants can flourish here.